Top Green Paintings Of All Time

Top Green Paintings Of All Time By Famous Artists

For a long time, the green color has been associated closely with nature and seasons like spring, which signifies new growth.

This color depicts life & vitality. Numerous painters have incorporated this color into their paints. Here are the ten most all-time popular green paintings that painters have beautifully crafted. 

Green Wheat Field with Cypress by Vincent van Gogh

Green Wheat Field with Cypress by Vincent van Gogh

A green wheat field with cypress was painted by Vincent Gogh in 1889. He was an impressionist painter. He painted this landscape while he was voluntarily confined in an asylum in St. Paul in Saint-Remy.

This work is an oil painting done on a canvas.The national gallery in Prague has the painting; there this artwork is called Zelene obil or green wheat. The work shows a felid that is mostly covered with green wheat.

In the center of the painting, one can see a big black cypress tree. Near the tree, one can also notice a white cottage, hills, and a beautiful blue sky in the background, above which white clouds have settled.

Aside from this landscape, Vincent has produced many green paintings that mostly display wheat fields. According to Van Gogh, they signify the cycle of death and life.

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Claude Monet's Camile

Claude Monet's Camile

Monet is a famous well-known 19th century French painter. He is hugely known as the founder of impressionist paintings.However, he was a famous realism painter before becoming an impressionist artist. Monet was creating a huge painting, but he wouldn't have been able to complete it by the time of the Paris Salon in 1866.

Therefore, Monet was prompted by his friend, known by Gustave Courbet, to paint something faster, thus he could submit it to the Paris salon. Monet ended up painting his first wife, Camile. Full portraits generally were reserved for aristocracy or royalty.Such paintings used to be thought quite unusual. This portrait was received very well and sold for eight hundred francs. 

Famous Yellow Paintings by Renowned Artists

Thomas Dweing's The Lute

Thomas Dweing's The Lute

Lute was an American artist from the twenty century. His artworks often displayed impressionist characteristics.

Thomas Dweing is famous in the art world for his skills to produce an entire new theme using mostly green colors. The Lute is one of his most famous artworks, painted in 1904.

The Lute, like his other artworks, contains a massive amount of color green. This green painting displays some women standing & watching another lady, who is playing the lute.

Famous 20th Century Paintings


Childe Hassam's spring landscape with a framer and white horse

Childe Hassam's spring landscape with a framer and white horse

Hassam was another popular impressionist painter. He used his skills to produce many landscapes, cityscapes, and nature work.

Childe Hassam was highly known for his capability to produce a realistic & noteworthy theme through his artworks.

This artwork is believed to be done in 1906. It displays a vibrant, lush landscape with trees & other vegetation. It contains a massive amount of green color, applied in various kinds of tones & lighting. 

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Edouard Vuillard's the green interior

Edouard Vuillard's the green interior

Edouard Vuillard was a French painter, who is well famous for his abstract paintings. He lived in Paris.

His artworks often displayed people & the different works that they are busy with. This is when the industrial revolution was taking over France.

This famous painting of Edouard Vuillard presents a figure, who is seated in front of a big window that is curtained. This painting was done by him around 1819. This whole painting is filled with green colors in different tones. 

Paul cezanne's vue paris du jas de bouffan

Paul cezanne's vue paris du jas de bouffan

Paul Cezanne was a French artist. He was widely known for his skill to recreate different components in his artwork, like the wind blowing around the trees or the sunlight effect on a hillside.

This artwork is one of his memorable paintings. It displays a peaceful country landscape of southern France in the summer days.

Paul made two similar artworks, one of them can be seen to be displaying the midday sun, and the other one can be seen capturing the fleeting sunlight in the dusk at the exact place. 

Famous Impressionist Artists And Their Work

√Čdouard Manet's at the races

√Čdouard Manet's at the races

Edouard Manet was a prolific painter from the same impressionist era. He was known as a regular visitor to horse racing competitions often in France.

Some painters have also tried to paint similar scenarios as horse racing was not quite easy to paint on canvas because of its rapid-paced characteristics.

This painting "at the races" displays a racing track with horses & jockeys running. He completed this painting in 1872.

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Gustave caillebotte's promenade at Argenteuil

Gustave caillebotte's promenade at Argenteuil

According to several historians and critics, he is one of the most under-appreciated artists of the 19th century.

Caillebotte was capable of creating masterful impressionist paintings as well as Realistic paintings.

One of his popular paintings is known as promenade at Argenteuil. He completed this work in 1883. This artwork features both Realistic as well as impressionist characteristics. This painting shows a peaceful street corner covered by trees 

Alfred Sisley's rest along the Stream, Edge of a wood

Alfred Sisley's rest along the Stream. Edge of a wood

Alfred was a highly skilled French painter. He was popular for producing excellent nature paintings and breathtaking landscapes during his time.

His work revolves around forests. One of which is considered to be his greatest artwork. Alfred Sisley completed this painting in 1878.

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James mcneill whistler's Nocturne Grey

James mcneill whistler's Nocturne Grey

James Whistler was another creative painter of the nineteenth century. He is well known for being one of the founders of the atonalism movement. James's works generally display an overwhelming color or tone.

Nocturne Grey is one of his most famous paintings. He did this artwork on black a colored canvas. Whistler used the green color in a heavy amount and spread some yellow and orange to make the sky full of sprawling and lighting fireworks.

These excellent painters have successfully depicted the beauty of nature through their paintings.

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