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Hi, my name is Dawit Abeza. I am the founder of ATX Fine Arts. I want to first welcome you to site; I am glad that you are!

Every single day I am working hard to establish the best online art platform on the web. My goal is to make one of the best art galleries in the world, I want the website to offer you, the absolute best possible art buying experience available in the art market today. I know I have a long ways to go, however, like most things in life it's a work in progress, so please be patient with me.

I believe buying art should be fun, exciting, extremely easy, informative, and affordable. The art that I present to you, is cost-effective and always of the finest and highest quality. My vision is always to offer exceptional art to art lovers worldwide and help artists sell their art. 

The paintings that ATX Fine Arts sells are produced on high-quality paper and birchwood sourced from sustainable Canadian forests. ATX Fine Arts offers a variety of art pieces at one third of the market price. Normally these pieces would be priced at hundreds and thousands of dollars in fine art galleries and museums. 

ATX Fine Arts offers a multitude of art styles that will give you a feeling of elegance, prestige, beauty, love, strength, inspiration, and much more. These pieces will connect with you and magnify the beauty within your own home or business.

We also do custom original pieces, so if you don't see a piece that you like, get in contact with us and we will create it for you. 

I promise to make every art transaction as simple and gratifying as possible. So you can decorate your house, apartment, or business with the style you deserve.

ATX Fine Arts delivers worldwide and we offer a 100% percent money-back guarantee for all art purchased with no questions asked. 

Thank you for choosing ATX Fine Arts! And have a wonderful day!