Famous Yellow Paintings by Renowned Artists

Famous Yellow Paintings by World Renowned Artists

Yellow paintings can be so uplifting! Artists can mix and match colors, materials, and styles to convey something truly optimistic and inspiring. In the late 19th century, yellow became the color of depravity.

Many artists like Vincent Van Gogh used it to describe their subjects. Think about it. Gold, beaches, honey, and the summer sun are yellow. It makes sense. In this post, we’ll look at some yellow paintings to inspire your mood.

Still Life With Bouquet by Auguste Renoir

Still Life With Bouquet, Auguste Renoir

Auguste Renoir used yellow colors to show luxurious objects. The impressionist master evokes rich textures in the color harmony of red, yellow, and white.

The pampas grass and Chinese fan speak to the owner's refined tastes for colorist composition. This painting was produced for an audience that is concerned with pleasure.

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The Yellow House by Vincent Van Gogh

The Yellow House - Vincent Van Gogh

This painting was created in 1888. Vincent Van Gogh captured the heat of the Mediterranean and sandy streets. The artist also highlighted the immediate surroundings that featured a restaurant and the home of a friend, Joseph Roulin.

As it turned out, the house was a studio he could share with like-minded painters. Although the painting is more colorful than the original, it retained the same architectural features.

The Yellow house featured two colors (yellow and blue). They became the hallmarks of Van Gogh's work during the entire time he spent in Arles.

The juxtaposition of these colors makes the yellow house appear more vibrant. This painting became part of the Van Gogh Foundation in 1962.

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A Young Woman Seated at a Virginal by Johannes Vermeer

A Young Woman Seated at a Virginal - Johannes Vermeer

This is one of the most famous paintings by Johannes Vermeer. It dates back to the 1670s but is now at the National Gallery London.

The woman faces the left side playing the virginal. Furthermore, there is a landscape work is painted inside the virginal composition. She has her fingers on the keyboard, ready to start playing while giving a sympathetic expression to the observer.

The red ribbons and the small pearls of her hair bring a fine sensibility. Not to mention, the pale pinks and contours of the upper cheek give a warm glow to her skin.

The light entering through the window illuminates an open music book. Harmony is achieved here through color and light. All these visual subtleties bring an immediacy of movement. As the woman makes direct eye contact with the viewer, we get drawn deeply into the scene. And it has attracted art lovers from all walks of life.

Lawrence Gowing was particularly struck by the instrument and the lighting around the painting. To show accuracy in his works, Vermeer followed a method that used a pinhole as a vanishing point.

Some evidence of a pinhole is evident on the woman's shoulder. And the orthogonal lines created by the front panel show the painting constructed perspective. This is one of the last works of Johannes Vermeer.

Famous 20th Century Paintings

In a Roman Osteria by Carl Bloch

In a roman osteria by carl bloch

The In a Roman Osteria painting was done by a Dutch painter, Carl Bloch. It's an intensified version of the one owned by Bloch's predecessors. The subjects and knives are brandished around freely.

Carl has intensified this version by depicting objects, clothes, and details with some realism. If you look closely, the women are seducing the viewer and the knife and folk appear to point in the direction of the observer. Carl highlights the women in yellow against the white shirt.

Impression 111 (Concert) by Wassily Kandinsky

Impression 111 (Concert) - Wassily Kandinsky

While music has played a big role in visual arts, turning beautiful music into a work of art is not easy to find.

The Impression III concert dates back to 1911. In this painting, the sweep of yellow dominates the canvas as music spreads over the enthusiastic crowd.

Perhaps this is what makes this painting memorable. Across the right-hand side, there's a huge mass of yellow paint. For an eye-catching contrast, black sits on the side.

As you move further left, the touches of reds and blues are carefully considered. This is how Kandinsky formed the elements in his works. This piece was found at Standtische gallery and remains one of Kandinsky's great works. He left a big impact on German art.

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The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

The Kiss - Gustav Klimt 

The Kiss painting dates back to the Art Nouveau Period. Klint painted it with some oil and added gold leaf. This painting shared symbolism and brought a personal approach to art.

And following his departure from the academic circles, Clint painted the three murals for the University of Vienna auditorium. The Kiss turned a private moment of passion into a transcendent image.

The golden gods stood among the glittering flowers. One thing that makes the paintings stand out is the inclusion of a man and woman together.

The embracing couple takes center stage - the dark golden background framing shows the woman's bare feet. A yellow dress with floral patterns encapsulates the woman as the floral continues into the hair.

Other than that, the colored robe patterns drape over the man's shoulders. Although we cannot see the face of the man, he cradles the woman's face and kisses her cheek. The eyes are softly closed.

It's no surprise the paint is considered one of the best of Klimt's works in the golden era. In his illustrious career, Klimt had many admirers like Egon Shiele and Oskar Kokoschka.

Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh


Van Gogh’s Sunflowers are among his most popular works, so you can't miss out. They connote gratitude to his many friends. This painting was done in the South of France between 1888 and 1899.

It featured five large canvases with a few shades of yellow. Furthermore, it demonstrated it is possible to create different variations from a single color without loss of eloquence.

Van Gogh made two copies of the Sunflower - he gave one to Gauguin (a friend), and the other was preserved at the Van Gogh Museum.

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Nan and Brian in Bed by Nan Goldin

 nan and brian in bed

The yellow color of this painting comes out through the light of the window. Goldin's signature image is in a romantic discord set. But so many things seem uncertain.

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