Art Schools in New York

The Best Art Schools in New York

It can be tough to build a career in the form of an artist in a city like New York which is already brimming with artists.However, the good news is that there is no dearth of art schools in New York and you can select the best institution for the program you want to study.

This city comes with schools that even place students close to major galleries and museums so that they can get a better understanding.

The Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning

The Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning

The Undergraduate program at Cornell provides students with all-around learning in many artistic mediums.

Cornell's Bachelor of Fine Arts program was redesigned in the year 2018, and today comes in two parts including studio courses and seminars in separate artistic mediums like painting and photography.

After this students spend their time on electives provided by the university to get an all-around education.Students are allowed to study programs that are semester-long at the satellite campuses of the university that are located in Rome and New York City.

The Master of Fine Arts degree stretches for two whole years. Cornell invites two exceptional and exclusive artistic mentors in this department every year to whom the students can exhibit their works for better learning.

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The New York Academy of Art

the new york academy of art

This is one of the most popular art schools in New York whose main course is the Master of Fine Arts.This is a 2-year program consisting of sixty credits, the majority of which a student will have to achieve through studio artwork.

Students select from subjects including sculpture, drawing, or painting in the form of their concentration, and have the option of pursuing tracks in anatomy or printmaking. The courses allow the students to gain experience in modern along with traditional art.

The New York Academy of Art's (NYAA) Summer Undergraduate Residency Program allows interested students to hone their technical skills through a one-month residential program, and later on, pursue a Master of Fine Arts program.

Another NYAA popular program is the Certificate of Fine Art' which features a unique curriculum involving students who want to learn more about sculpture, drawing, or painting in a studio environment. This program lasts for a  full calendar year and comes with 36 credits.

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The New York University

the new york university

Situated in Manhattan, this university provides some of the best courses for art students in the city.The NYU's Steinhardt Department of Art and Art Professions' provides courses for undergraduates along with postgraduates through their Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees.

The curriculum of these courses includes artistic theory and hands-on work. NYU invites well-established critics, scholars, and artists to help students better understand the place of art in today's world.The university provides a Master of Arts degree in subjects including Costume Studies and Visual Arts Administration. A doctorate in Art Therapy is also offered here.

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The School of Visual Arts

The School of Visual Arts

This institute is situated in the heart of New York, providing something valuable to each art student. High-school students can opt for the Pre-college program that will help them grow their skills in artistry, which they can use towards building their portfolio.

This will further assist the students with joining the Undergraduate program provided by the school, where they can work towards earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

This Degree comes in 11 different specialties to select from including Interior Design, Animation and Film, and Advertising. Alternatively, you can opt for undergraduate Non-major programs.

The options increase for you at the Graduate level, where you can opt to earn a Master of Arts degree either in Design Research or Curatorial Practice, Criticism, and Writing. Alternatively, you can opt for earning a terminal degree of Master of Fine Arts among the 12 subjects this institute has to offer.

Moreover, you can choose to study different fields of art by opting for a Master of Professional Studies in different subjects like Fashion Photography, Art Therapy, and Directing.

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The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

the cooper union for the advancement of science and art

Another one of the top art schools in New York is the Copper Union, which provides a single degree program called the Bachelor of Fine Arts, which readies students to build their careers in design and art.

The students are first exposed to the Foundation Program where they are educated about the different mediums along with artistic techniques and concepts.

The sophomore year is when the students get to narrow down their subject of focus by selecting a discipline' from different areas like photography or painting.

Students are allowed to take different electives and studio courses before moving towards 'advanced study' during their junior and senior years.

The final year is when the students get to take part in the Senior Presentation, where they get to exhibit what they have worked on in front of the public.

For high school students, the institute provides a Summer Art Intensive program, where the students are educated by professional artists while they are exposed to different sights of the art world in New York City.

Students are allowed to make a particular art type their focus so that they can build their portfolio and later on submit it along with their college applications.

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The New School Parsons School of Design

the new school parsons school of design

This New York-based institute offers three separate degree levels.The Associate Degree caters to the mature students who lack a design-based background, providing these students the knowledge for pursuing careers in Fashion, Communication Design, and Interior Design.

The Undergraduate Majors degree offered at Parsons comes with 12 subjects from which they can select, and 11 of these conclude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

The subjects offered in this degree course include various design types like Architecture, Fashion, Illustration, and Photography.

Students can alternatively opt for the Bachelor of Business Administration course that places focus on Strategic Design & Management, which is provided both in Parsons' Paris-based and New York-based campuses.

Parsons' Graduate' program is a diverse one that features 20 separate degree programs including a Master of Architecture program along with a combination of MFA/MArch programs that focuses on Architecture and Lighting Design.


With so many art schools in New York to help you shape and build your career in art, it is time you make a decision about which of these you want to go to fulfill your dreams.
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