Best Art schools in Canada

The Best Art schools in Canada

Art schools allow learners to apply their creative skills in visual art such as photography, painting, illustration, and sculpture. They allow you to sharpen your skills and stand out in the art profession.

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

nova scotia college of art and design

NSCAD University is a reputable institution for learning visual arts. Students thrive in a research environment committed to inclusion, diversity, and academic excellence.Once you enroll in art courses, you will belong to a creative community. You will also have the knowledge to thrive in creative industries where you become an expert in the field.

The university comfortably accommodates students in its art programs such as, bachelor of fine arts, Master of design, and Master of Arts. NSCAD also offers a certificate program in visual arts.The undergraduate program consists of various parts:

  • Crafts - ceramics, jewelry, and textiles
  • Design - digital, product design, and interdisciplinary design
  • Media arts - film, intermedia, and photography


    Alberta University of Visual Art

    Alberta University of Visual Art

    The Alberta University of Visual Art offers three practices: Fine Arts, Visual Culture, and Design.It's ranked as one of the best schools in Canada and a top institution worldwide. The school serves over 30,000 students. Students can pursue a BA in drawing, painting, sculpture, and digital imaging.

    To customize your experience, you can concentrate on one of two studio areas. In the first year, all students share the same set of courses that focus on the basic concept of visual art.You learn skills in drawing, visual concept, and design. Once you complete the foundation year, you can concentrate on printmaking, sculpture, and painting.

    To pursue a bachelor of art degree, a student must complete a 24-course weight. You need a minimum of 2.7 GPA in fall or winter sessions to graduate to the next year.

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    Yokonsova School of Visual Arts

    Yokonsova School of Visual Arts

    SOVA offers an eight-month Foundation Program in visual arts. Upon completion, the graduates can transfer to the second year.What's more, you enjoy a world-class facility that supports an undergraduate-level program. Each year, the institution hosts a special program that allows students to interact at social events.

    In addition, you get top-of-the-line studio equipment and world-class instructors. Students can also study sculpture and art words. The curriculum studio classes are in 2D, 3D, and 4D in English.

    Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design

    emily carr institute of art and design

    This institution is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It was established in 1925 as a first-degree institution. Emily Carr Institute encourages research in experimentation at the intersection of art and design.

    Some of the programs offered include photography, animation, ceramics, interaction media, communication design, and fine arts.There are a plethora of options to specialize in. ECU merges with cultures of community development and exhibition.

    It's recognized as the most research-intensive university in Canada. Furthermore, they offer a unique Foundation program that provides core skills across a range of academic classes.

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    Ottawa School of Art

    ottawa school of art

    Ottawa School of Art is located in downtown Ontario, Canada. It offers a one-year certificate and three-year program. The school facilities include a sculpture studio, printmaking studio, wood shop, and ceramic studio.

    This institution offers a gallery that displays local and international artists. Each program provides access to a variety of studio areas. This allows students to pursue a particular profession.The diploma program provides specialized art courses like photography, ceramics, life drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and etching.

    Unlike other universities in Canada, Ottawa School of Art has the lowest fee for art studies. This institution ensures all the students get the necessary equipment to learn.

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    The New Brunswick College of Craft and Design

    the new brunswick college of craft and design

    This institution offers a hands-on approach to learning. It helps students to conceptualize the language of design and creativity. The tutors at NBCCD will fine-tune your creativity through color study and drawing.

    This is where you use the foundation skills to excel in diploma programs. You can also specialize in graphic design, 3D digital design, and videography/photography.Best of all, the students are prone to develop key skills involved in workshops, training, and webinars. With NBCCD, you don't just learn art but also thrive as an artist.

    After you enroll in the institution, you'll become an ambassador for the craft. Best of all, you can work with like-minded peers in your chosen craft.

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    George Brown College, Center for Arts and Design

    George Brown College, Center for Arts and Design

    George Brown College is located in the heart of Toronto, Canada. This means that learners can immerse themselves in the city's art scene.The institution offers cutting programs that apply in a real-world environment. Here, you can pursue a certificate, diploma, and postgraduate program.

    Even better, the instructors allow you to work with industry-leading professionals. And because they mix theory and experimental learning, you'll experience intense-focused learning.If you have a passion for story-telling, you get an ideal environment to hone your skills and take risks in the industry.

    This is the best institution for those with creative interests in illustration, cartooning, drawing, performance, and photography. One thing you'll love about the school is its reputation - it welcomes both local and international students.

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    The University of British Columbia - Faculty of Arts

    The University of British Columbia - Faculty of Arts

    The faculty of arts allows students to advance to a better world. Once you enroll here, you'll harness your leadership skills with career-changing experiences.The diverse and inclusive environment will prepare you for success. Along with undergraduate degrees, you can pursue a master's of fine arts.

    McGill University

    mcgill university

    McGill offers students a unique opportunity to express their creative side. After completing a course, graduates develop great analytical skills that allow them to adapt to changing environments.It's among the best schools in Canada that can prepare you for a career in media and design.


    Art is becoming a field that hooks people to explore their creative skills. Many artists are now enhancing their ambitions in art schools.If you're an aspiring artist, you can attend any of the above institutions to harness your skills.

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