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A Negative Mind Will Never Give A Positive Life CanvasA Negative Mind Will Never Give A Positive Life CanvasA Negative Mind Will Never Give A Positive Life Canvas

A Negative Mind Will Never Give A Positive Life [Canvas Fine Arts]


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Wood print
ATX Fine Arts

A Negative Mind Will Never Give A Positive Life

People have a distorted view of the world when they are in a negative state of mind. It becomes a cycle where negative thoughts reinforce negative emotions, which in turn produces negative actions. If the cycle is not broken and left to run uninterrupted, it inevitably has a detrimental physical and mental effect on the person experiencing the spin. In addition, if these cycles spin often enough, they can lead to clinical depression and anxiety. The key to avoiding this negative distortion and stopping the mental spin is to understand what initiates the cycle. Once mindful of the triggers, people can train themselves to avoid it or stop it before it does any harm. Thoughts, actions, feelings and sometimes even physical reactions can be triggers. On its own, a single trigger has little impact on your view of the world or emotional state. You can easily dismiss a feeling of frustration after dropping a dish on the floor because there are no further triggers to escalate a cycle, it is an isolated incident.

However, if someone says, “I cannot believe you broke my dish!” then frustration can turn into anger and the cycle begins. Visualize a negative thought as a flame. A flame burning in an empty concrete parking lot cannot do much damage. These fires are left to burn out on its own or easily extinguished. Put that flame in a closed room filled with combustible material and you have a potential disaster on your hands. Unless quickly extinguished, the fire will use every piece of flammable material in that room to burn hotter, longer and faster. Left uninterrupted, that single flame will become an inextinguishable inferno that will burn until it has nothing left to fuel its flames. People experience a similar situation when they are a host for so much negativity. By the time, it finally runs its course, all the anger, frustration, and blame has destroyed a person from mental, physical and spiritual exhaustion. A person is driving towards a business meeting when they take a wrong turn, which causes them to be 20 minutes late for a meeting. This minor event has happened to everyone. Yet, in this case, the person experiences a wave of nausea and stomach tightening from stress.

Based on a technical definition, negative thinking is a mental attitude of anticipating the worst possible outcomes on situations, events, and circumstances. It is the ability of the mind to produce thoughts that are not deemed favorable to what the person wants. Whenever a challenge arises, a person with negative thinking pre-empts a negative outcome before it has even occurred or being acted upon. Pessimism is synonymous to negative thinking. The act of pessimism is also a state of mind that lets the individual view life in a negative manner. Negative thoughts are described as intrusive, disturbing, annoying, and unwelcoming. These may be in the form of involuntary thoughts, bad images or unlikable ideas that can cause the person to be upset and distressed. In certain instances, negative thoughts may be difficult to be removed from the mind and can be challenging to deal with. In order to determine whether a person thinks negatively, a common example of a glass half-filled with water may be used. When asked if the glass is half-full or half-empty, a positive thinker would say that it is half-full while a negative thinker would remark that it is half-empty. A negative thinker sees more of the flaws, weaknesses, and negativities of things more than the good ones.

The physical reaction triggers a negative thought. “I’m always late; I screw up like this all the time, and I’m going to lose my job.” Without taking a moment to decide if these thoughts are rational, the cycle gains speed and initiates negative actions. Believing that the people in front of him are stopping him from making up lost time, our person begins a tirade of profanities and rude hand gestures at innocent motorists. In order to avoid a negative spin, you need to recognize the triggers that set off the cycle and the environments that make you more susceptible to these triggers.

As well, being in a positive state of mind or in a secure and nurturing environment allows for a measure of protection from a negative cycle. Also, add another layer of defence by being mindful of your work environment, the type of career you choose and the interactions you have with people. Create an inventory of positive truths about yourself and your life. It takes a little bit of effort to remember the positive aspects of your life, but it is well worth the work. Disarming triggers requires that you counter any negative thought with a relevant and equally powerful positive truth. For example, if you think “Everyone hates me, I’m unlovable”, you can counteract this thought by thinking, “My wife and children love me and they are always happy to see me when I come home.” Extinguish the negative thought as quickly as it arises.

Be truthful and celebrate the good in your life. Take five minutes every night to write down all your successes, positive qualities and the things that make you happy. This creates a natural defense against negativity. Disrupting the cycle by disrupting the pattern. There are going to be times when you are unable to recognize a trigger because you are in a weak mental state. For example, you go to sleep in a positive state of mind and then unexpectedly wake up angry and grumpy. In these scenarios, breaking a negative cycle with positive thoughts is hard if not impossible to do.

In cases like this, starve yourself of any additional negative energy that might strengthen your state of mind. This requires you to break any established patterns. If the usual routine includes having a coffee and reading a newspaper, then you have to catch your mind off guard and go straight to the shower. The bathroom is a place of solitude and allows you to avoid any irritating interactions. Moreover, the shower gives you a moment to pause and reflect on your mood. Avoid any negative local, world or economic news that might further irritate your mood. The earlier you get out of the house the better. Allow yourself ample time to treat yourself to a coffee, breakfast and a leisurely drive to work. A negative state of mind not caused by a single emotion; it is the build-up of triggers that distort reality. Create an honest outlook of your life, by being mindful of your environment, and rejoice in all that is positive in your life.

Many individuals experience a negative manner of thinking manifested by intrusive and disturbing thoughts, although there are those who are able to quickly get rid of it. The way a person reacts to bad thoughts and deal with it will determine the severity of the thoughts. Bad thoughts cause annoyance to those who are in that state of mind. Uncontrolled negative thoughts can easily lead to serious cases of poor emotional, mental, and even physical wellbeing. If these negativities are absorbed and felt in every nerve of the body, it just weakens the person. In worse cases, some people suffer from severe cases of certain illnesses. That is why negative thinking is associated with cases of anxiety and depression. Apparently, negative mental images and unpleasant ideas lead to negative thinking. It then connects to the emotions and manifested through actions. There are many other manifestations of negative thinking and these vary according to factors such as the gravity of the thought and the way the person manages it.

Human thoughts, feelings, and actions or behaviors are closely related and can indirectly affect each other. The human mind is powerful that it can generate thoughts even beyond normal means of thinking. People tend to develop thought habits that can eventually shape their lives. In general, the mind is capable of producing two major types of thoughts: good and bad. These thoughts send off signals to the human emotions manipulating how it should feel. Good thoughts generate good feelings while negative feelings are a product of bad or negative thoughts. All these thoughts in the mind that direct an individual’s emotions also manifest in action. Vibrancy and cheerfulness displayed on a person’s physical outlook reflect a positive feeling due to a positive or a happy thought. Lack of enthusiasm in gestures and facial expressions mean that the person is experiencing a negative feeling brought about by a thought that is obviously not good. Negative thinking can have so much effect on an individual’s life. Successes in endeavors and aspirations are outputs of a person’s positive mindset while failures are caused by dominant pessimistic thoughts.

Ways to Fight Negativity & Steal Back Your Life:

  • Take control of your brain: Your mind is powerful. You choose positive or negative. It's time to shift.
  • Stop Watching the News: Today's media is 95% negative, get away from it.
  • Write a list of everything you're thankful for: No matter how big or small.
  • Stop using negative words: Replace can't with can, won't with a will, no with yes, tired with excited, and frustrated with understanding.
  • Have fun every day: Plan one thing per day that's fun. Go to a restaurant, grab a beer, go to the movies, go to the gym, or take a hike. But do something you love each day. You deserve it.

Letting fear and negativity derail us will never bring rainbows and sunshine into our lives. Rather than anticipating failure, we should anticipate success, while at the same time telling ourselves that should failure occur, we will be emotionally capable of dealing with it, that we will pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and continue on our path toward our goals because that is the only way we will get where we want to go. It's best that we remind ourselves that there is less shame in failure and defeat than in never trying at all, that many great hearts and minds have risen from the ashes of multiple failures and defeat to reap the rewards of great success and prosperity.

Bottom line: we must be vigilant over our thoughts, stop the negativity and be positive and enthusiastic regardless of adversity and seemingly overwhelming odds against us, and push forward with one true thought always in the forefront of our consciousness. Win, lose or draw, it's much better to play the game than watch from the sidelines. The perfect accent for any space! Each wood print is unique due to the natural qualities of each individual panel of wood.

A Negative Mind Will Never Give A Positive Life Canvas | Inspirational Wall Decor Art

A Negative Mind Will Never Give A Positive Life Canvas
• Wood canvas made from Birch wood sourced from sustainable Canadian forests
• UV set inks, meaning the print resists water
• Each wood print is made in Montreal, Canada
• Easy care, don’t touch the print if you don’t have to, but you can wipe it with a dry or damp cloth to remove dust
• Arrives ready to hang! 4-panel frame in back allows you to just pop the wood print on a small nail in the wall, no wires necessary

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