Collection: Ivan Aivazovsky

Ivan Aivazovsky

Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky was conceived in July 1817, in the city of Feodosia, or Theodosia, Crimea, at that point, a part of the Russian Empire. He was immersed under the name of Hovhannes Aivazian and got training at the Feodosia's St. Sargis Church. His first artistic instruction was with a nearby draftsman. At age 16, Aivazovsky moved to the Russian Capital, St. Petersburg, and turned into an understudy at Maxim Vorobiev's scene class at the Imperial Academy of Arts.

In 1835, at age 18, he was designated as an associate to the French painter Philippe Tanneur, over accepting a silver award. After two years, Aivazovsky joined Alexander Sauerweid on fight painting and participated in activities of the Russian Navy in the Gulf of Finland. Soon thereafter, he graduated with a gold award in the Imperial Academy of Arts. Aivazovsky was sent to contemplate in Europe by the Imperial Academy of Arts. He previously went to Venice and Vienna, where he visited San Lazzaro Degli Armeni, the area of a significant Armenian Catholic assemblage, where he examined and got comfortable with Armenian compositions and art. He at that point went to Amalfi, Sorrento, and Florence, where he met the Russian painter Alexander Ivanov. He stayed in Rome and Naples somewhere in the range of 1840 and 1842. Through this period, he was vigorously impacted by Italian art, and he would consider it in their exhibition halls.

He additionally made a trip to Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Britain, where he made associates with the painter J. M. W. Turner, who was exceptionally dazzled by Aivazovsky's painting, The Bay Of Naples at Moonlit Night. Aivazovsky's works were respected all through Europe. He likewise visited Portugal, Spain, and Malta. While in France, he was granted a gold decoration by the Académie Royale de Peinture et de design. Coming back to Russia, Aivazovsky was made an Academician at the Imperial Academy of Arts, just as designated as the official artist of the Russian Navy to paint maritime fights, beachfront scenes, and seascapes. In 1845 he came back to his old neighborhood, Feodosia, he settled there, building a house and studio. From that point forward, he detached himself, and that didn't make a decent go to his artistic profession. In that period, around the mid-nineteenth century, Russian art was transforming from Romanticism towards Realism, however, Aivazovsky didn't experience this change. He kept painting Romantic seascapes, which he was vigorously condemned.

Aivazovsky worked in Paris from 1856 to 1857, where he got the French Legion of Honor, which is the most noteworthy request of legitimacy to get, common or military, he was the primary Russian and the first non-French too, to get it. He additionally got the Order of the Medjidie in Constantinople by the Ottoman Empire, the Greek Order of the Redeemer, and the Russian Order of St. Vladimir. He was likewise chosen as a privileged individual from the Moscow Art Society.

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