Types of Graphic Design Jobs

Types of Graphic Design Jobs

Whether you are an aspiring designer or a beginner who is curious about the available options related to graphic design, it is important to understand the different types of graphic design jobs and the specific design skills they require.


What is Graphic Design?


There are plenty of opportunities for graphic designers in the print world. To get into the print and publication industry, designers should thoroughly understand the principles of good design.

It is also important to be well acquainted with typography and color theory. Publication design is considered a classic type of design. Traditional print mediums like books, magazines, newspapers, and catalogs have been the standard publishing methods all those years.

However, nowadays digital publishing has seen a significant rise, as well. The great thing about this graphic design field is that designers may work as freelancers or as part of a publishing company.

They usually work with publishers and editors to create original content. The most common examples of print and publication graphic design apart from the traditional print media mentioned include newsletters, annual reports, directories, album covers, brochures, and stationery.

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Advertising and Marketing Design

 Advertising and Marketing Design

Undoubtedly, one of the most developed graphic design specialties is the marketing and advertising field. Successful marketing is the key to attracting more customers and visual content is always more engaging. Therefore, graphic designers working in this industry are extremely popular.

Marketing advertising design is mostly based on engagement with the public. For this reason, graphic designers working in this field should deeply understand behavioral psychology.

Designers can specialize in a specific type of media if they wish to. Some of the most common examples of this type of design are posters, billboards, postcards, email marketing templates, brochures, banners, presentations, and digital advertisements.

Entry-level positions in marketing design are an excellent way for beginner designers to acquire helpful skills. After all, advertising designers need to develop problem-solving and excellent communication skills.

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Packaging Graphic Design

Packaging Graphic Design

Almost every product needs packaging. Packaging design aims to communicate the story of a brand to potential customers. This is why this type of graphic design is extremely valuable to most companies nowadays.

Being a designer in this field is not easy. It requires having a good understanding of branding and consumer psychology to create packages every customer would love to purchase.

A trustworthy packaging graphic designer should also, have a basic understanding of manufacturing and industrial design. However, the most important asset such a designer should have is flexibility to meet the demands of not only customers but those of manufacturers and marketers.

User Interface Graphic Design

User Interface Graphic Design

User interface designers develop designs for websites, games, or apps. The two key elements of being a successful designer in this field are having a solid understanding of user experience design and possessing excellent graphic design skills.

It is also, required that you have at least some basic knowledge of programming languages, including JavaScript, and HTML.

If you are a beginner in the user interface graphic design industry, you will most likely find yourself working on a variety of projects, including app designs, the creation of game interfaces, or landing pages. Theme design tasks, like Shopify and WordPress, are also, common tasks related to this type of designer.

Another thing graphic designers should have in mind is that they will normally be required to work together with user interface developers or in some cases, user experience designers. Thus, having a team spirit and strong collaboration skills can increase your chances of getting hired for a project in this field.

Brand Identity Design

Brand Identity Design

Brand identity designers create the entire look and image of a company. Their role is of the utmost importance since they are responsible for communicating the company's identity to the general public.

Identity design is one of the most common and popular types of design. Designers create assets, like logos, typography, business cards, icon systems, and other visual elements to represent the company's identity.

Brand identity designers should possess a general understanding of every type of graphic design. They must have creative skills, good communication, and a passion for digging deep into each company's identity, as well as that of their competitors.

Photo-editing Designers

Photo-editing Designers


A less popular, but still profitable job for a graphic designer is photo editing. Several large companies require a product photographer.Photoshop photo editing software is the most widely-used software among designers wishing to work in this particular field. Learning to use Photoshop is not that complicated.

Several training courses can help teach you the basics of this technique.Since photos are one of the most important advertising and marketing tools for brands, it is no wonder that most eCommerce companies are willing to hire a photo-editing designer.

Apart from having a solid grasp of Photoshop software, a photo-editing graphic designer should also, specialize in a field, depending on his preferences, talent, and the job market. A trustworthy designer should also, be able to create compositions of several layers, repair damaged photos and design high-resolution graphics.

Thankfully, this type of graphic design job continues to develop. Whether you are a beginner in the field of graphic design or a professional wishing to further develop your career, it is important to build a strong design portfolio that reflects the type of graphic design you wish to get hired for.

Although there is always the option of becoming a jack of all trades, it may be best to specialize in a particular graphic design area. That way, you will become a real expert and your demand will arise quickly.

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