Different Types of Murals What is a Mural in Art

The Different Types of Murals: What is a Mural in Art?

What is a mural in art?

A mural is a noted work of art that is directly applied to the wall, ceiling, and on a flat or curved surface. Murals are found inside or outside a building, or any other establishment.

Nowadays, you can also find murals painted on the floor or the ground. But this is not a typical surface used for mural art. You can also discover other places where mural art can be found, such as in museums, churches, and temples, to name a few.

This sought-after artwork began thousands of years ago when this type of art commenced in cave paintings and most of the old human settlements. Currently, it is still a popular manner to embellish and transform the face of a wall of buildings and other structures and make them appear impressive.

The most common reason murals are selected, is to attract tourists and locals to help boost business in the area or any location.

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What is the purpose of a mural?

Historically, murals had an aesthetic function with the goal of improving the appearance of a given location. Murals, however, have evolved into a platform for making political or social statements. Murals are often seen as sources of creativity or ways to enhance the aesthetics of a space.

What is the purpose of a mural?

Benefits of Murals

Increased visitors

Where there are murals to appreciate and admire, people will flock to the area with curiosity. Not just locals, but tourists alike.

Murals evoke many emotions as people walk past the murals, they get fascinated with the spectacular colors used to finish the masterpiece. Visitors can start spreading information to urge other people to see the area.

What Is Drawing?

Murals Serve as a community inspiration

Mural art may include the history of the place, and people living in the area will see the artwork. The community's confidence gets a boost, as their surrounding is uplifted and given importance.

Society can feel encouraged because their surroundings are being developed and adorned.


No one can ignore murals as it is noticeable even from a distance. It waves to the passersby, calls out to guests, and invites the residents. With the large, bold, and bright images used, there is no way people will not appreciate it or will not glance the other way.


Upsurge in resale value of the entity that has the mural

Any building supplied with a mural has a chance to enjoy an increase in its value. The structure can benefit from the mural impact as it is included in the description if it is on sale or placed in the market.

There is something that the interested party looks forward to as the description increases the interest of building buyers. This is true when professional artists accomplish the job and present their skill magnificently by creating a masterpiece with their mural art.

Murals can become a point of conversation

Murals can start the neighborhood buzzing with an exciting conversation because of the murals appearance. The people have something to discuss as their thoughts get exhilarated because of the piece created in the community.

Sometimes, murals added are just a collection of flashy colors, mosaics, colorful sea creatures, gigantic depictions of wildlife, and so on.

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Symbolizes a history

Murals tell a story of how the community started, what the place is known for and what surprises can be found in the area. It also conveys a unique experience that one can get from visiting. Most mural arts exhibit the growth observed and how the place began before its development.

Considered highly dramatic than the sole use of paint

Murals do not require an extremely flat surface, a textured exterior or interior is allowed compared with using regular paint. It also does not require excessive smoothing before its application.

Mural help covers degraded areas

Another reason some communities choose murals to decorate is that murals are the most effortless way to ensure the improvement of a tainted area. Sometimes buildings have been spoiled, and their original appearance has now become elusive, hence, people in the community choose murals believing the remarkable effect they will bring to the place.

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What Different Styles of Mural Art Are There?

There are hundreds of different mural styles. The artwork will depend on the skill and mastery of the artist. But there are general types of murals that are highly preferred.

Abstract Murals

This mural applies shape, color, texture, and form to achieve a highly creative piece. The abstract mural is considered a contemporary style. The abstract mural is extraordinary as it goes beyond the usual, as it does not need rules and technique.

There is a high admiration for abstract murals because of the stunning combination to form a distinguished art. The artist is free to apply his or her concepts and create exceptional art that people will find stunning.

Photography (Photomural)

Photomural uses any enlarged photo to cover the entire wall or a massive portion. The idea is to make it a striking design where a cherished image is selected to upgrade the splendor of the place.

Some photomurals used can be as curtain-raiser to any occasion that may take places, such as a wedding, a new business, or any other event. It may also contain enlarged images of flowers, cities, and mythical characters. It is displayed with pride to show significance, and importance, and to convey future ventures.

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Acrylic Murals

It is the commonly used type of mural where artists use acrylics to do the artwork. The wall is painted with vivid colors and uses chosen images such as nature, wildlife, mother and child, family, couple, and famous artists, among others.

The benefits of using mural art are astounding

This is why you'll start to see murals of all shapes and sizes being painted on the walls of businesses and public buildings in cities; they're meant to invigorate the area and make it more interesting. A public space can be completely revitalized by the addition of murals.

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