Jean-Honoré Fragonard Biography

Jean-Honoré Fragonard Biography

Jean-Honoré Fragonard, the son of a glove maker, was born in Grasse in 1732. He left his hometown with his family when he was six years old and moved to Paris.

He developed an early interest in painting and began collaborating with Jean Siméon Chardin, a famous painter of the time who specialized in still lifes and genre scenes.


He began working in François Boucher's studio when he was fourteen years old. These two great painters will enable him to swiftly understand the technical aspects of landscape painting.


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Early Training

He earned the Grand Prix of the Royal Academy of Painting (Rome Prize) in 1752 when he was 20 years old, and he enrolled in the Royal School of Protected Students, which was then supervised by the painter Carle Van Loo.

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The pupils then traveled to Rome for the traditional stay at the Académie de France for Grand Prix de l'Académie winners. From 1756 to 1761, Fragonard lived there.

He traveled to Paris after visiting the Italian cities of Florence, Bologna, and Venice. The Venetian maestro Tiepolo's paintings, as well as Pietro da Cortona's Baroque style, had a tremendous influence on him.

Mature Period

Fragonard was welcomed as an experienced painter as soon as he returned to France; he received acclaim from the Court, official commissions, and a studio at the Louvre.

He prospered financially and was unaffected by the political turmoil around the turn of the century. Fragonard, unlike Boucher, did not seek an official profession; instead, he dedicated himself to a clientele of art lovers.

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In 1769, he married Marie-Anne GĂ©rard, a Grasse-born miniaturist painter, with whom he had his first child, Rosalie. Fragonard accompanied general Pierre-Jacques-OnĂ©syme Bergeret de Grancourt on a voyage to Italy and central Europe in 1773 and 1774. Alexandre-Évariste Fragonard was born in 1780, and he would also become a painter.

Fragonard was named curator of the Louvre Museum by the National Assembly during the revolutionary period. By imperial decree, he was exiled from the Louvre in 1805 and moved in with his friend Veri in the Palais Royal.

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Many artists are members of the Fragonard family, including his sister-in-law, Marguerite GĂ©rard, a figure painter with whom he collaborated.

Alexandre-Evariste Fragonard, a painter and sculptor, and Théophile Fragonard, a painter, draftsman, and engraver, were his sons and grandson, respectively.

Fragonard is a renowned painter who influenced impressionists such as Renoir and Monet. In his artwork, he is able to convey a variety of motifs.

As a result, his work is distinguished by eclecticism, with conventional mythological and religious settings, as well as portraits, landscapes, and genre scenes, all present.

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