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How to choose art for your home and business
Dawit Abeza
How to choose art for your home and business

How to choose art for your home and business.

Here are 4 simple tips to go by

1 Buy something you love

Remember, the artwork is for your home or business, so follow your own heart with your choice. If you see something you know you love, and you can afford it, buy it. Don’t be afraid to make a decision.

If You want to be inspired every day choose artwork that will inspire you, and you will appreciate it. Fine art should never be a 'maybe' and should thrill you when you look at that piece.

2 Know your budget

You should decide how much you want to spend. And be specific about the price and fairly fixed. A good first priority for a new art collector is to focus on what your budget is.

3 Understand your place

Don't try to match your art to the room. Instead, contrast and complement the space with art, so it works with the room and doesn't get lost in it. When you place art in your home there is only one opinion that matters: yours.

Remember if it's a shocking or edgy image, it will be remembered. Buying art is about the connection and reaction you feel to a painting. There are no hard and fast rules on what style you must possess.

4 Learn about art

Research and understand the difference between an original, a limited edition and a reproduction – these will differ a lot in price and value!

To build an art collection it really helps to learn more about the art world. Look at as much art as possible before you make your selection.

Hope these simple tips help you in your art buying decision, and thanks for checking out our blog.Austin local art-Wall art in Austin-Painting-Austin Artists-ATX Fine Arts

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