Chaim Soutine Quotes | Famous Quotations About Art & Life

Chaim Soutine Quotes | Famous Quotations About Art & Life

Chaïm Soutine was a French painter of the Lithuanian Jewish descent. Soutine played a significant role in the expressionist movement while living in Paris.

    Chaim Soutine Quotes About Art

    “I never touched Cubism myself, you know, although I was attracted by it one time. When I was painting at Céret and at Cagnes [1919, and from 1923]. I yielded to its influence in spite of myself, and the results were not entirely banal. But then.. .Céret itself is anything but banal. There is so much foreshortening in the landscape that, for that very reason, a picture may seem to have been painted in some specific style.” ― Chaim Soutine

    “Once I saw the village butcher [in his youth, in Russia] slice the neck of a bird and drain the blood out of it. I wanted to cry out, but his joyful expression caught the sound in my throat.. .This cry, I always feel it there. When, as a I drew a crude portrait of my professor, I tried to rid myself of this cry, but in vain. When I painted the beef carcass it was still this cry that I wanted to liberate. I have still not succeeded.” ― Chaim Soutine

    “You have no right to interfere with my art. Your wife is not your property. I need her, in order to finish my picture, I must have her! I will sue you! [the woman returned by persuasion of the Castaings who supported Soutine].” ― Chaim Soutine

    “..My paintings are a heap of shit, but better than Modigliani, Marc Chagall, and Krémènge [a Russian companion painter]. Some day I will destroy my canvases, but they are too cowardly to do it.” ― Chaim Soutine

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    View of Cagnes by Chaim Soutine

    View of Cagnes by Chaim Soutine

    From 1923 to 1925, the artist lived in the town of Cagnes along the French Riviera, where he made this canvas.


    Chaim Soutine Quotes About Life

    “It is the first time in my life that I have not been able to do anything. I am in a bad state of mind and I am demoralized, and that influences me. I have only [made] seven canvases. I am sorry. I wanted to leave Cagnes, this landscape that I cannot endure. I even went for a few days to Cap Martin, where I thought of settling down. It displeased me. I had to rub out the canvases I started.. .I am in Cagnes again, against my will, where, instead of landscapes, I shall be forced to do some miserable still lifes. You will understand in what a state of indecision I am. Can't you suggest someplace for me? Because several times I have had the intention of returning to Paris.” ― Chaim Soutine

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    Self-Portrait by Chaim Soutine

    Self-Portrait by Chaim Soutine


    Quotes About Chaim Soutine

    “There are some who believe that Soutine deforms his paintings just to deform. That is a grave error. He himself suffers in front of these formless canvases where his marvelous universal staggers like his own insides. At home, he lacerates his paintings in rage. At the dealers, he buys them back to take them away and destroy them..” ― Élie Faure

    “Soutine painted rapidly. He nurtured his idea for several months and then, when ready, started the painting in fury. He worked with passion, with fever, in a trance, sometimes to the music of some Bach fugue that he played on a phonograph. Once he finished the painting, he was weak, depressed, wiped out.” ― Chana Orloff

    “He [Soutine] was one of the rare examples in our day.. ..a painter who could make his pigments breathe light. It is something which cannot be learned or acquired. It is a gift of God.” ― Jacques Lipchitz

    “I think I would choose Chaim Soutine.. .I've always been crazy about Soutine - all of his paintings. Maybe it's the lushness of the paint. He builds up a surface that looks like a material, like a substance. There's a kind of transfiguration, a certain fleshiness in his work.. .I remember when I first saw the Soutine’s in the Barnes Collection.. ..the Matisse's had a light of their own, but the Soutine's had a glow that came from within the paintings - it was another kind of light.” ― Willem de Kooning

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    Pastry Cook with Red Handkerchief by Chaim Soutine

    Pastry Cook with Red Handkerchief by Chaim Soutine

    Chaim Soutine Most Famous Paintings


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