The Best Art Museums in Boston

The Best Art Museums in Boston

The word “art museum” is mostly associated with paintings and other visual arts. Regardless, art is not limited to visual art. It could be in different mediums, including music, dance, graphics, 3-dimensional arts, fashion design, and many more.

Art is not just a visual thing but it touches the hearts and souls of those who witness it. Below you will see the best art museums Boston has to offer.

William Clapp House

William Clapp House

William Clapp house is a house museum open for public viewing in the Dorchester neighborhood, Boston.

This serves as a meeting place, a library, and a storage facility for cultural art products. This house museum also contains agricultural and carpentry tools that contributed to the neighborhood’s daily survival.

William Clapp built it in 1806 with the help of architect Samuel Everett. It is a two-story house that is mainly composed of 19th-century furniture and materials.

One unique feature within the house would be the original cellar kitchen, preserved until today as “Making money is an art.”

This museum expresses art through its architectural design and the unique hybridization of the dairy production business. This exemplifies art through history and the beauty in business.

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Mary Baker Eddy Library

Mary Baker Eddy Library

The library features the life of the great founder of a religious movement, Mary Baker Eddy. It opened to the public in 2002 and was designed by the great architect, Chester Lindsay Churchill.

It contains various documents, relics, photographs, paintings, and other tangible objects that serve as proof of past events, showcasing how the place has survived.

Today, this place also produces and publishes articles or anything that features the site's beauty. The art and beauty of religion, health, and journalism were shown through tangible media and historical lectures at Mary Baker Eddy Library.

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Commonwealth Museum

commonwealth museum

The Commonwealth Museum is known for its collaborative exhibits and preserved relics.

The main purpose of this museum is to share knowledge with the public, particularly the crucial documents containing the history and liberty of Boston, one of which is the original copper plate representing the Boston Massacre's events.

Art is visible in this place through artifacts and historical documents that unravel the story of how the site achieved its current state today.

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Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company Museum

Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company Museum

The Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company Museum was once used as a training ground for military forces in the 17th century. It was built in March 1638, but only became a museum in 1746.

This place was known for being the "Oldest Chartered Military Organization" in the West for advocating patriotism and a sense of volunteerism.

The museum contains memories and relics from the past. One particular artifact was the "Vellum Book," which contains all the names of courageous volunteers who became members of the fraternity from 1611 until today.

This place engages people in understanding art through military relics, customs, and patriotic deeds.

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BSA Space

BSA Space

The BSA Space, also known as the Boston Society of Architecture, was built in December 2011 to engage the public with architectural matters.

This place is the only museum that is focused on architectural topics alone. The site offers an aesthetic view through the paintings and unique architectural features.

Some noticeable features were the placement of stairs in the building and the soft-edged designs of each piece of furniture.

This beautifully crafted place was designed by architects from Höweler + Yoon Architecture firms.

The Boston Fire Museum 

The Boston Fire Museum

The Boston Fire Museum exemplifies the beauty of art through safety. The well-known fire helmet collection serves as a memento of the excellent fire buff Arthur Fiedler, who was one great firefighter.

It was established in 1892 with designs by Harrison Henry Atwood and is recognized as the second oldest firehouse in Boston.

This museum proves that it’s not only a display by being an active non-governmental organization that advocates the importance of safety and showcases the place's history by displaying firefighting memorabilia.

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Boston National Historical Park

boston national historical park

The Boston National Historical Park is a museum in an open field with different infrastructures that serve as galleries.

The museum was built in 1776 and designed by Alexander Parris. It shows the role of Boston in the American Revolution and is composed of various buildings.

The museum offers different programs that would engage people who are eager to learn about Boston’s history.

The place represents art through its infrastructure designs, the contents of each building, and historical backgrounds, with commendable interactive activities that engage people. The site uses history and nature as a medium to convey the art of Boston.

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