Acrylic Prints Vs Canvas Prints

Acrylic Prints Vs Canvas Prints

Whether you are an amateur artist, a professional photographer, or just an art enthusiast, choosing between acrylic prints and canvas prints is a personal choice.

While both are equally beautiful, acrylic prints are trendier and tend to look great in rooms with lots of natural light. But which one is right for you? Let's find out!

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Acrylic prints are generally more expensive than canvas prints, but they protect your prints better and last for decades. Acrylic prints have a longer life and greater protection from sunlight, moisture, and scratches.

Compared to canvas prints, acrylic prints are also easier to ship and store, and they are much easier to clean than canvas. These features make acrylic prints a superior choice for displaying artwork in high-traffic areas.


While both types of print are durable and easy to store, many people prefer acrylic prints for their walls.

They are easier to transport and mount, and acrylic prints look more like oil paintings. In addition to the vibrant colors and sharp details, acrylic prints offer more protection and longevity than canvas prints.

You can find a variety of quality levels on the market, from inexpensive to high-end. But if you want the ultimate in longevity, choose the acrylic option.

It will give your artwork an edge over a canvas print and will last for years! However, it's best to consider the quality of your print before purchasing.

The pros of acrylic prints

There are many advantages of acrylic prints over canvas prints. They have higher picture clarity and optical depth that rivals fine art prints. Despite the thinner material, acrylic prints are sturdy enough to hang on a rigid surface.

Whether you want a square or panoramic photo, you can find acrylic prints in a wide variety of sizes and price ranges. You can even choose a matte finish for a more classic look.

When choosing the right size and material for your print, consider the characteristics of the room you want to display it in. For example, a loft in downtown NYC with lots of natural light will look best with an acrylic print.

On the other hand, a room with a cozy atmosphere and subdued lighting is best suited for a canvas print. And if you're going for a more rustic look, opt for a canvas print.

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Another advantage of acrylic is that it produces more vibrant colors. If your outdoor shots have unusually vibrant colors, you may want to opt for an acrylic print.

However, acrylic prints are more expensive than canvas. So if you are on a budget, opt for canvas. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is. A few important points to keep in mind before making the final decision.

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What is the difference between acrylic prints and canvas prints?

The difference between acrylic and canvas prints is their material. Canvas prints are made from actual paper. So, the paper quality is generally better, but the color gamut is not as wide.

In addition, acrylic prints can be more durable and longer-lasting than canvas prints. The downside is that they are more expensive, but they are also more durable.

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If you choose the right material for your print, you'll be able to find acrylic prints that are both high-quality and reasonably priced. Furthermore, there are several advantages to purchasing acrylic prints over standard prints.

They are highly resistant to UV damage and moisture. These factors make them a popular choice for photography. They can also withstand exposure to harsh UV rays.

For these reasons, acrylic printing is highly recommended by professionals and enthusiasts alike. There are also many different types of acrylic prints, ranging from low quality to high quality. When taken care of properly, acrylic photo prints can last decades.

They are extremely resilient to humidity and extreme heat, making them a popular choice for outdoor displays. These properties make them suitable for bathrooms and other humid environments.

Acrylic photo prints have a strong seal that prevents contaminants from damaging the print. However, they are also susceptible to mildew and fungus.

The general name for acrylic is lucite, while other names for acrylic include perspex and plexiglass. The best part about acrylic prints is that they are much easier to clean. And as they are lightweight, you can move them around easily.

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There are two common methods to mount an acrylic print. One of these methods is face mount, which entails putting a photographic sheet between two acrylic sheets. One of the sides is transparent, and the back is either black or white.

This method protects the image from ultraviolet rays while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. While face mounts are the most popular option, if you are planning to sell your acrylic print, make sure to purchase a high-quality printer.

The face mount technique helps retain the best qualities of the paper print. The resulting photo appears vibrant and lifelike due to the reflection of the acrylic material.

Its reflective quality allows viewers to compare the vibrancy of the print to a 3D effect, which is why many artists choose this technique. Aside from being easier to transport, acrylic prints are also easier to ship and store. They're also easier to move around because they're lightweight and can be transported without breaking.

The pros of canvas prints

Canvas prints are less expensive and are easier to ship than acrylic face mounts, which makes them an excellent choice for anyone on a budget.

A canvas print can also be easier to hang. Regardless of the material used for the print, the most important difference between acrylic and canvas is the glare factor.

The glare factor is a major issue for some people, and canvas prints are not as reflective as acrylic prints. The glare-free, textured surface of the canvas ensures that the print is easy to read even in dark rooms.

Another important consideration in canvas prints is the size of the frame. It may be important to consider the size of the frame if you're transporting the canvas print.

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