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Fine Art vs Applied Art
Dawit Abeza
Fine Art vs Applied Art

What is the difference between Fine art and Applied art?

The Fine Arts is a categorization of the 5 various disciplines: Literature, Drama, Painting, Sculpture, and Music.

Applied arts is an application within the visual arts field that covers such areas as advertising, commercial design, commercial photography, fashion design, graphic design, illustration and drawing, interior decorating and many more. Generally speaking, applied arts can be defined as arts in which objects are produced or performed in order to be used rather than simply to be viewed.

The main difference in fine art and applied art is that fine art is meant to create beauty and joy in looking while applied art is meant to be an aesthetic approach to implementing a specific duty.

What is applied art in BFA?

The 4-year BFA is a specialized curriculum in Design, where the student can concentrate in Graphic Design and Advertising permitting him to obtain the skills and techniques needed to seek a fulfilling career in the diverse areas of the advertising, print and graphic design business.

What are the 7 Fine Arts?

The traditional 7 subdivision of Fine Arts, being Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Literature, Music, Performing, and Film.

Which fields are included in applied art?

Curriculum areas included Paralegal, Radio and Television, Media, Journalism, Film and Photography, Theatre, Fashion Design and Merchandising, Interior Design, Architectural Technology, Graphic Design and many other programs combining Liberal Arts and Technology.

Fine Art vs Applied Art

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