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Where To Buy Local Art In Austin? Where To See Art In Austin
Dawit Abeza
Where To Buy Local Art In Austin? Where To See Art In Austin

Where To Buy Local Art In Austin? Where To See Art In Austin?

Hopefully, this article will help you answer some of your art questions.


1. Where to buy local art in Austin?

2. Where to see art in Austin?

3. Where to buy fine art in Austin?

4. Where is the best place to take art classes in Austin?

5. Where is the best spot to buy cool art, by local artists, in Austin?

Here are the best places to buy local cheap art In Austin, TX. Ranked by the best consumer reviews. Enjoy the best art galleries in Austin.

1. Art For The People Gallery

Art For The People gallery

Art For The People gallery is a contemporary art location and local artisan market whose mission is to present a platform to facilitate and support the visual arts in Austin, Texas. By giving an art space in Austin where all guests can assist and learn about arts in a naturally creative and productive atmosphere. Art For The People showcases local artists, artisans, musicians, and food makers. Art For The People supports local businesses, non-profits, and promotes art appreciation and fundraising. "LET'S TAKE A WALK" is a popular event hosted by Art For The People. It's a group exhibition of Austin artists. 

Art For The People has a review rating of 4.9 out a 5.

Art For The People Review

2. Ao5 Gallery or Art on 5th 

Ao5 Gallery

One of Austin's biggest contemporary art galleries. Ao5 Gallery has been committed to stewarding a complex variety of accessible fine art that Austinites are seeking. Ao5 Gallery is continually improving its display of featured artists to draw new visitors and have the gallery fresh. With various artists parties and performances each month, there is invariably something new to view and experience, even for regular guests.

Ao5 Gallery has a review rating of 4.9 out a 5.

Ao5 Gallery Review

3. MASS Gallery

MASS Gallery

MASS Gallery is a collectively managed nonprofit gallery and works continually with Project Space to increase its number of artists. MASS members collectively commit to the everyday operations and necessary preparation of exhibitions and events.

MASS Gallery has a review rating of 4.9 out a 5.

MASS Gallery Review


4. Women & Their Work

Women & Their Work

Women & Their Work is a fine arts organization located in central Austin, that works as a catalyst for modern art designed by women residing and operating in Texas and beyond. For 40 years, Women & Their Work has produced groundbreaking art to Austin, with presentations, performances, and exhibits. Women & Their Work is known for its pioneering vision, embrace of creative innovation, and dedication to the Texas public and artists, Women & Their Work’s aim is to improve the art cultural experience for Texans.

Women & Their Work has a review rating of 4.8 out a 5.

Women & Their Work Review


5. Austin Art Space Gallery

Austin Art Space Gallery

Austin Art Space has a studio workplace, it's a co-op gallery located in north Austin. The non-profit Austin Visual Arts Association took over administration of Austin Art Space, as a means to increase the opportunities for Austin artists to present their craft. Austin Art Space gallery remains to be run as a cooperative, managed by AVAA. AVAA and the native artists are dedicated to producing a professional space for rising and established artists can create, collaborate and present their work. 

Austin Art Space Gallery has a review rating of 4.8 out a 5.

Austin Art Space Gallery Review

6. Austin Art Garage

Austin Art Garage

Austin Art Garage was created to bring local Austin artists into the spotlight, and present their talents to the city. Austin Art Garage has various art collections and you can select from and a wide variety of styles without the sales pressure. 

Austin Art Garage has a review rating of 4.7 out a 5.

Austin Art Garage Review

7. Blue Genie Art Bazaar

Blue Genie Art Bazaar

Blue Genie Art Bazaar is an Austin local artisans company. Blue Genie Art is publicly admitted creative firm that specializes in huge scale industrial creation of three-dimensional things such as statues, sculptures, and displays art theme showcases in a natural environment, and provides assistance to artists. Blue Genie Art Bazaar primary concentration is on handmade art and carries unique artwork of over 200 artists.

Blue Genie Art Bazaar has a review rating of 4.6 out a 5.

Blue Genie Art Bazaar Review

8. Mondo Gallery

Mondo Gallery

The Mondo Gallery is a perpetual art location in Austin, TX. It highlights a mix of innovative artwork and a limited number of screen prints. Mondo Gallery purpose is to display and encourage artists from throughout the world by presenting a fleshly space for art enthusiasts to see, appreciate, and acquire art inspired by movies and comics.

The Mondo Gallery has a review rating of 4.6 out a 5.

The Mondo Gallery Review

9. gray DUCK Gallery

gray DUCK Gallery

grayDUCK Gallery was established in 2010 in South Austin and moved to East Austin in 2014. grayDUCK Gallery aims to display the craft of excellent artists while producing a welcoming area for everyone. grayDUCK Gallery has steady exhibits highlighting artist’s work both locally and nationally.

gray DUCK Gallery has a review rating of 4.4 out a 5.

gray DUCK Gallery Review

10. Yard Dog Art Austin Art Gallery

Yard Dog Art Austin Art Gallery

Yard Dog Art showcases folk art from the Deep South. the name, Yard Dog, was chosen to evoke that. Yard Dog works with artists who were neither folk/outsider artists nor from the Deep South. And showcases work by artists from all over the world whose work falls into various categories. Yard Dog offers fine art, pop art, & folk art from the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Yard Dog Art has a review rating of 4.3 out a 5.

Yard Dog Art Austin Art Gallery Review

Now you know the top 10 art galleries that have the best art for sale in Austin, TX. Or you might just be looking for other places where you can see art in Austin? We got you covered with the best places to go see beautiful art in Austin. 

Best Art Galleries And Museums To See In Austin

Big Medium

Big Medium Austin Art

Big Medium is a public-service corporation committed to championing and cultivating local artists that concentrate in the contemporary arts. Big Medium assists artists throughout artist development programs and partnerships, Big Medium serves to nurture the art culture and promote a comprehensive social dialogue between artists and their communities.

East Austin Studio Tour which presents local artists starts on November 16 and ends on November 24, 2019, at the Big Medium.

Wally Workman Gallery

 Wally Workman Gallery

The Wally Workman Gallery specializes in collecting unique pieces. The gallery has two stories of exhibition space where one can view the 50+ artists, currently represented artists, include contemporary talents Will Klemm, Joyce Howell, and Mallory Page as well as the figurative work by Tracey Harris and Ian Shults.

Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery

Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery

Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery is furnished with museum-class art. The gallery presents something different for every earnest art collector. The Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery has amassed an extensive collection of fine art that encompasses roughly 1000 original works of art.

CAMIBAart Gallery

CAMIBAart Gallery

CAMIBAart Gallery concentrates in concept-driven modern art with a focus on different elements used to create the artwork and a huge emphasis on the quality of the art.

Art of Texas Studio & Gallery

 Art of Texas Studio & Gallery

Art of Texas Studio & Gallery has a production space and a miniature art gallery area. Inside the Art of Texas studio & gallery, you will discover compositions on canvas, ceramic tile coasters, drink huggers, and fine art paper.

Artworks west 6th

Artworks west 6th

Artworks sells original art compositions on acrylic, oil, gouache, and watercolor. Provides glass and bronze sculptures, exquisite crafts including jewels, old-fashioned art, and specializes in picture framing art objects, along with art and frame rehabilitation, art advising, picture fastening services. Artworks can also support you with obtaining an artist for commissioned pieces.

Lora Reynolds Gallery

Lora Reynolds Gallery

The gallery consists of one main exhibition space, with six to eight exhibitions annually.

The Blanton Museum of Art

The Blanton Museum of Art

The Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas at Austin is one of the biggest college art museums in the U.S. The institution is dedicated to presenting unique art showcases and has a strong collection of art.

Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum

Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum

The UMLAUF Sculpture Garden & Museum presents the craft of Charles Umlauf and other modern artists in a physical environment and implements an educational practice that encourages the recognition and appreciation of sculptures.

The Contemporary Austin - Jones Center

 The Contemporary Austin - Jones Center

The Contemporary Austin displays contemporary art through its monthly showcases. The Contemporary Austin aspires to be the best contemporary art museum for Austin and plays an essential part in the city life. The Contemporary incorporates a complex and collaborative spirit of the city.

Austin Artist Market

Austin Artist Market

Austin Artist Market is another great place to see and buy local art from Austinites. The 23rd Street Artists' Market is Austin's original open-air artists' market for artists to make and sell their own work. Licensed artists sell their handcrafted art year round, 7 days/week at 23rd Street and Guadalupe Street across from the UT tower.


South Congress Art Galleries

South Congress Art

Austin has art galleries throughout the whole city these are some of the art galleries near the south congress.

La Peña Gallery

La Peña Gallery

La Peña Gallery was inspired by the South American culture of social gatherings known as Peñas to produce something new inside their neighborhoods. Traditionally, Peñas are celebrations where local artisans meet to experience art, poetry, music, and social performances.

Sugar & Paris

Sugar & Paris Austin

Sugar & Paris represents Austin artists who create original works in paint, silkscreen, print, and more.

Mi Casa Gallery

Mi Casa Gallery

Mi Casa Gallery is the reflection of the Luedeke family's love affair with Texas and Latin America. The Gallery opened in August 1996 at 1700 South Congress Avenue, in the heart of the revitalized historic South Congress district in Austin, Texas. Since that time, it has become a popular center for unique religious objects and folk art from Mexico and the Americas.

East Austin Art Galleries 

East Austin Art Galleries

If you live close to East Austin I recommend going to any of these galleries that are the closest to you.

Bale Creek Allen Gallery

Bale Creek Allen Gallery

Bale Creek Allen was born in California to Texas-born artists Terry & Jo Harvey Allen. He was the first recipient of a 4-year degree from Boston's prestigious School of the Museum of Fine Arts and after only 2 years of study. Bale moved to Austin in 1991 and opened Gallery 68 here from 1995-2000. Afterward, Bale continued to create his own bodies of work in a multitude of mediums such as bronze sculpture, painting, photography, neon, woodwork, spoken word, music, and theatre. In 2016 he decided to open BCA Gallery, feeling compelled to bring national and international contemporary art, performances and music to Austin.

Link & Pin Gallery

Link & Pin Gallery Austin

Link & Pin is an art space dedicated to local quality art. Link & Pin is a progressive "artist-influenced" space offering artists not only a place to show their work but also a community where they can be a part of and have an impact on. 

Exposure Fine Art Gallery & Studio

 Exposure Fine Art Gallery & Studio

Exposure Fine Art Gallery & Studio is home to internationally acclaimed visual artist and filmmaker Tom Suhler. Space is first and foremost a working studio for the creation of Tom's artwork. The gallery, with its arched walls and scalloped ceiling, is an intimate and relaxing place to enjoy and explore contemporary art. Setting up a time to visit the gallery and meet Tom is as simple as sending an email or giving a call. 

Pump Project Gallery

 Pump Project Gallery

Pump Project Art Complex is a non-profit, in the east Austin art space that provides working studios and gallery. To assist emerging and established artists in Austin. Pump Project, artists come together to work, experiment and exhibit, actively enriching the community through new ideas, innovative projects and the creative spirit.


Where To Buy Fine Art In Austin?

Eaton Fine Art Inc

Eaton Fine Art Inc

Eaton Fine Art, Inc., established in 1992, is a full-service art consulting firm specializing in creative project design, publishing and custom framing for the hospitality and healthcare industry internationally.

Court Lurie Fine Art

Court Lurie Fine Art

Court Lurie has been exhibiting nationally for over 15 years. Her work has been featured in many design and lifestyle magazines, on television, and in several industry publications. She has been commissioned for public and private installations and is represented by 5 galleries in the US. 

Casa Fine Arts

Casa Fine Arts

Casa Fine Arts has set the standard for decorative art that complements the home fashion. Retailers and design firms around the world rely on Casa Fine Arts to curated artwork.

Where Is The Best Place To Take Art Classes in Austin?

Austin Fine Art Classes

Austin Fine Art Classes

Austin Fine Art Classes provides a distinct and concise step-by-step program to learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting. You learn 'how to see art' and effectively express using visual elements of color, line, texture, and tone. 

Where is the best spot to buy cool art, by local artists, in Austin?

Art From The Streets

Art From The Streets Austin

Art From The Streets provides tremendous assistance to the local street artists by providing them economic assistance. The art you purchase goes immediately into supporting the homeless artists that produced the art. 

If you like this article, please share it with others, so perhaps they can also enjoy it. Any of the artwork purchased on ATX Fine Arts accommodates me as an artist, along with helping the site grow organically, thank you very much.

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