How to find inspiration as an artist?

Where Do Artists Find Inspiration?

Artist's block is a real thing. If you struggle to find inspiration and draw, even to doodle mindlessly, you may be in the middle of a block. 

What works for one artist may not work for another, because finding inspiration is ultimately a personal and individual process. Creative people should always be on the lookout for new sources of inspiration, and they shouldn't be scared to try anything once.

How do you find inspiration to get back to drawing and do what you love most? Let’s find out. Finding inspiration is vital for every artist, whether in a block or not.

How to find inspiration as an artist?

Let's begin by saying each person is different. Your personality varies from other people's, and that's okay! - Necessary, I'd dare to say. Introverts and extroverts find inspiration in different activities and places.

An introvert might come up with their best idea by listening to music in the shower, while an extrovert is more likely to see beauty in a crowded place. That said, we are all human. And every human being longs for some sort of love or beauty. The following are things artists can do to find their inspiration. 

Step outside and enjoy nature

Regardless of our technological advances, we still are biological animals: Fresh air and beautiful landscapes take our breath away, and you can leverage that to find inspiration for your art.

Hear the birds singing, breathe in the free air, and pay attention to how the sun illuminates and creates shadows simultaneously around objects. Feel the wind against your skin, and just let yourself be.

You find inner peace when you liberate yourself from the chains of modern accelerated life. And it is within that inner peace that you get creative, find inspiration, and produce the most beautiful works of art.


Train your eyes to look into the details of everyday life

One tip is to focus on shapes and colors around you. It is not enough to look at the world around you. For example, take a look at a car.

What colors do you notice first? What about the lighting and shadows? Can you break it down into smaller pieces? The same goes for writing.

You do not understand or see the world until you use your words to bring it to life. How do you describe a sunset or a person's eyes? Training your sight will make words come easier to you.

Use mundane objects to create an artistic story

Some of the most captivating and astonishing works of art come from everyday situations or items.

Think of la Gioconda, and that is just one example. Something as simple as a wardrobe can inspire you to write The Chronicles of Narnia. Something as frugal as a flower can lead you to paint your next canvas.

Do not be afraid of playing around with ordinary objects! Sketch anything you see or think of and create fantastic stories revolving around them.

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Get inspired by your loved ones 

Every artist needs a muse, or so they say. But do not worry, as there is no need to have a husband or wife to produce good art. Anyone and anything can become a source of inspiration.

You most certainly have friends or family. Does someone have a distinctive trait you have always found curious or attractive? It may be time to portray it and bring it to life on blank paper.

This piece of advice might come easier if you have a partner. Looking at someone you love floods you with feelings and emotions you can leverage.

Get inspired by other artists 

No great artist, scientist, or genius would have accomplished anything without the previous work of others. Not only is it okay to find inspiration in other artists, but I also encourage you to!

Finding your style and inspiration is partly about imitating and experimenting with others. Maybe you have read Edgar Allan Poe's poem that inspired you to draw a spooky sketch. Or perhaps you have fallen in love with Da Vinci's style, so much so that you want to try it yourself.

Some artists choose a concept or item and play with different styles. They might pick a dragon, for instance, and then draw it in a cartoonish manner or realistically or abstractly and so on etcetera. It is by combining traits of diverse artists that you find yourself.

Create something, anything!

Sometimes, the worst you can do is sit around and wait for inspiration to come. You just need to work and create something. Imagine if geniuses like Shakespeare or Jane Austen only wrote their masterpieces.

If you enjoy drawing, sketch something simple and fun. Writers can craft a small poem. Remember that it does not need to be perfect. It is okay to have fun and create something even if you think it's not perfect.

Next time you find yourself waiting for inspiration, get out of your comfort zone! Get up, grab a pen and a piece of paper, sit down, and let your imagination flow.

In conclusion 

Artists can get ideas from a wide variety of sources. Using their own life experiences and insights, some creatives gain inspiration from the world around them. Some people find motivation in works of literature, film, or music. Yet others may look to the works of other artists or to the development of their medium for motivation.

It's not easy to get inspiration as an artist, but there are various ways to foster and grow it. Keep in mind that it takes time and effort to uncover inspiration and that it isn't always predictable. Maintain a positive attitude and don't give up if you don't get what you're looking for right away.

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