Top Best Art Supplies For New Artists

The Best Art Supplies For New Artists

Here are my top 5 favorite art supplies of all times, these are my ride-or-die, holy grail art supplies. If you're a beginner, as an artist, this guide will help you buy your first art supplies and get started. No more wandering the aisles of an art supply store feeling overwhelmed and confused.

Top 5 art supplies for new artists:

  1. Arteza artist sketchbook
  2. Heartybay paint brushes
  3. Arteza professional watercolor pencils
  4. Turner Colour Works paint set professional artists
  5. Sakura Sumo Grip Erasers 

1. Arteza artist sketchbook

The best sketchbook for beginners

First supply that I want to talk about is my personalized Arteza artist sketchbook, this sketchbook is fantastic. Every artist needs a sketchbook to draw on the go and to quickly capture ideas, this is the perfect sketchbook for that.

The paper is really sturdy and it takes watercolors just as well as it takes color pencils, but it also has a lot of pages and that makes it nice. I don't feel bad when I'm using the pages to sketch little things or scribble down some of my ideas. The pages can hold up with pen ink, colored pencils, or even very light markers. Arteza sketchbook is a solid reliable sketchbook for drawing and painting especially if you have never had a sketchbook before.

Furthermore, it's a spiral-bound sketchbook so it's not something that is loosely put together. The hardbound covers can offer working surfaces to draw or paint anywhere! You can take this sketchbook to the park, on the train, or anywhere you want to create your masterpiece.


2. Heartybay paint brushes

The best paint brush set for beginners

The second thing on this list that new artists should have in their art supplies toolbox are brushes and as a general rule, I've never invested too much money into brushes. However, paintbrushes do matter very much, especially when the art on which you are working upon is so delicate or needs attention to detail.

Paintbrush set by Heartybay, that come in with 20 paint brush pieces are just phenomenal. I picked them up on sort of a whim, and I cannot express how much I love Heartybay paintbrushes. They are really easy to hold in your hand, the brush tips are amazing to paint with. The beautiful thing about these paintbrushes is that they are incredibly easy to clean.

This set by Heartybay can be termed as one size fit all, it's useful and suitable for new art students, and beginners. Heartybay paint brush set is suitable not only for watercolor paintings, but also for acrylic painting, and oil painting. Taking good care of these brushes will ensure they remain for your long-term use and you will receive more value for your money.

The best paint brush set for beginners - Heartybay paint brushes


3. Arteza professional watercolor pencils

The best watercolor pencils for beginners

The third on the art supplies list are the Arteza professional watercolor pencils, these colors are so vibrant it's just ridiculous. They're just really easy to use, and they just like melt away at the touch of water. Arteza professional watercolor pencils don't leave any pencil marks underneath, and they're just so vibrant I love them.

When you purchase these watercolor pencils, you get an entire set of a multitude of watercolor pencils. The colors from this set are vivid and dissolve fully when mixed with water. The core of these watercolor pencils also tends to be fairly soft. The pencils are break-resistant which means they will stay sturdy no matter how often you use them, and you can have the Arteza professional watercolor pencils without breaking your budget, these pencils are great for new artists out there looking to slightly dip your toe into the watercolor world.

The best thing with watercolor pencils is their practicality, you can efficiently place down a very quick sketch to set the composition, all while taking your time to add in the detail work, and watercolor blending at your own pace with your watercolor brushes. The Arteza professional watercolor pencils are easy to blend, won’t break even if you are a beginner or heavy-handed.

The best watercolor pencils for beginners - Arteza professional watercolor pencils


4. Turner Colour Works paint set professional artists

The best watercolor paint for beginners

The fourth is Turner Colour Works paint set, for beginning artists, this watercolor paint sets amazing. This paint is really nice, it has a smooth value to it, and will help you get rid of all of the graininess that might occur in your painting as a new artist. They're just outstanding to have, you will have all the key colors that you will find yourself using in just about every painting, but the transparency properties of the paint itself are impressive.

Furthermore, they are not bulky, Turner Colour Works are easy to use, and offers a variety of colors. A great pick for those young artists, that want to get into the world of watercolors but don't necessarily want to pay the high price of admission. Turner Colour Works are wonderful paints and set at a great price, you really can't go wrong with these watercolors.
The best watercolor paint for beginners -  Turner Colour Works paint set professional artists


5. Sakura Sumo Grip Erasers

The best erasers for beginners

Sakura Sumo Grip Erasers are excellent all-around erasers. The eraser eliminates marks spotlessly with little pressure and no streaking. They are made from microporous synthetic spume that raises graphite almost effortlessly and catches it for a smudge-free blank. Also, Sumo Grip erasers are durable and have a great grip compared to other erasers.

This makes it easier to guide so that you don’t inadvertently erase more work than you mean to. They’re simple to clean up after as the bits roll together for an easy mark. And since they’re are black, they keep looking neat no matter how much erasing you do. Sakura Sumo Grip Erasers arrive in several sizes and a retractable version.  

Sakura Sumo Grip Erasers


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