Famous Theatres in Austin, Texas

The Top 5 Most Famous Theatres in Austin, Texas

If you are an avid theatre lover, Austin, Texas, might just be your go-to destination. With leading theatres and a bustling performance art scene, you will seldom find a dull moment in the city.

Austin theatres have performances every week featuring popular thespians and professionals who will make your evenings remarkable with creativity and talent. Below is a list of our favorite theatres across Austin, Texas. So, if you are planning to check out the art scene of the city anytime soon, here are the theatres you need to know about.

1. Zach Theatre

One of the leading theatres in Austin, Texas, Zach Theatre has been a primary seat for leading classical theatre productions. Over the last couple of months, they have also launched outdoor concerts following all social distance norms.

The theatre was first established during the early 90s and it currently features three halls and multiple other spaces for performance art. Most of the larger spaces can accommodate 400+ guests and the lobbies have arrangements for cocktails, dinners, and everything in between.

Top 2021 productions include The Cat in the Hat and Sound of Music among others. Address: 202 S Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78704 Contact: (512) 476-0541 Web: https://zachtheatre.org/

2. Paramount Theatre for the Performing Arts

Established in 1915, the Paramount Theatre is one of the few cultural spaces in the city to have completed 100 years of service. Initially known as the Majestic Theatre, this theatre is one of the few last testaments of a unique theatrical legacy.

When you enter the premises for the first time, you will notice that the architecture itself is unique and timeless. Leading personalities like Houdini, Katherine Hepburn, and Sheryl Crow have graced the venue with their exceptional performances, and over the last century- this theatre has witnessed it all.

The Paramount Theatre is deemed a legacy theatre for Austin and nearby communities and over the coming years, it will only get better! Address: 713 Congress Ave Austin, TX 78701 Contact: (512) 472-5470 Web: http://www.austintheatre.org

3. Esther's Follies

Esther's Follies came to be a theatre in the spring, of 1977, when Michael Shelton and Shannon Sedwick from the Liberty Lunch fame decided to lease a streetside bar at 6th Street, 515. The first party was hosted on 1st April and within the next week, it doubled up as the top spot for improvs with free access for all artists.

Over the following few weeks, artists, stand-up comics, dancers, and musicians frequented the spot and the theatre became popular in no time. The fame of Esther's Follies is remarkable because the theatre was set up on a street that wasn't popular with the elites who typically sponsored theatres and events of the time.

Instead, 6th street was known for its multicultural population of African Americans and Hispanics. Regardless the theatre went on to be extremely popular because it didn't adhere to the norms of the time. Every type of art could be exhibited by the masses as long as it was entertaining.

Top artists to have performed in the theatre include Dame Della Diva, Terry Galloway, and Doug Dyer. Address: 525 E 6th St Austin, TX 78701 Contact: (512) 320-0553 Web: http://www.esthersfollies.com

4. The Long Center

The Long Center is one of the newbies in the Austin theatre scene. Established in 2008, it soon became one of the top cultural spots of the city, thanks to its amazing facilities that were unique to Austin.

Even though the theatre opened doors for artists and masses only a decade and a half back, its history goes back more than two decades when the local artists first collaborated against a common vision- to establish a leading global theatre indigenous to Austin.

As per the plans, Austin residents unanimously voted to approve leasing the Lester E. Palmer Auditorium which would be eventually transformed into a performing theatre by the cultural community of the city also known as the Arts Center Stage.

The same group received another 20 million in gifts the following year which further helped establish it as the unique theatre that it is today. The Long Center is now the only live entertainment spot in Austin that still launches and celebrates local talent. A significant chunk of the performances (around 80%) are curated from nearby artists.

However, the biggest highlight of this theatre is probably its beautiful skyline overseeing Lady Bird Lake. If you visit the theatre for a performance, you might also want to check out the Terrace Ring during the intermissions.

The performances are tailored for individuals across every age and preference. So, whether it is ballet, opera, or any other form of symphony or performance- the theatre has a slice of entertainment for everyone.

Both local and international performers frequent the theatre and popular artists include Leonard Cohen and Harry Connick, Jr. among others. Address: 701 W Riverside Dr. Austin, TX 78704 Contact: (512) 457-5100 Web: http://www.thelongcenter.org

5. Hyde Park Theatre

Whether you are a new voice or one with several decades of experience- the Hyde Park Theatre has an open spot for everyone. The theatre was established in 1992 and over the last two decades it has etched a lasting impression among audiences with its iconic performances of both classics as well as newer materials.

Hyde Park Theatre has notably launched 50 unique productions. The best part: it doesn't merely have a mainstage session but also goes beyond the line by curating the best performance festival in Austin, FronteraFest.

The quality of performances featured in the Hyde Park Theatre has been lauded by audiences and critics alike. Thanks to the amazing performances the theatre has received 40+ awards across multiple categories. 1000+ performers showcase their art and performances annually in the Hyde Park Theatre.

Perhaps that is the reason why the annual footfall here is 20,000+ every year! Address: 511 W. 43rd St., Austin, TX 78751 Contact: (512) 479-7530 Web: https://www.hydeparktheatre.org/

Bottom Line

Well, that was our list of the top theatres across Austin, Texas. So, if you are planning to enjoy the artistic and cultural side of the city, give these theatres a visit!

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