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How To Sell Art On Etsy For New Artists

The Four Secrets to selling art on Etsy.

To sell your art on Etsy you have to understand the Etsy platform, and here some simple strategies to go by, so you can quickly start selling your artwork. I guess you can say it's the top 4 secrets to selling art on Etsy.

1. Originality

Etsy has a ton of consumers who are looking for one of a kind products.
People on Etsy are usually looking for something that is handmade. Is your art handcrafted? If so it has a better chance of selling on Etsy. Original art really reaches people on a deeper level, at least in my experience, it speaks to them. That's why they purchase art so they can appreciate its beauty.

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For most online art shoppers Etsy is the first place that comes to people's minds when looking for original art by artist, therefore, the art you're selling has to be unique to your buyers.

2. Uniqueness

For example, let us say I enjoy painting dogs and I have several dog paintings in my Etsy art shop for sale. If I do a Google search on for "Dog Paintings Etsy" it would bring millions of results. However, If type in something like "Watercolor Golden Puppy Retriever Dog Painting On Etsy" there are currently no results, however, there are people on google searching for "Watercolor Golden Puppy Retriever Dog Painting On Etsy". Therefore, if I create Watercolor Golden Puppy Retriever Dog Painting it has a great shot of landing on the first page of Google, meaning more vistors to my Etsy shop and extra art sales.

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Google loves keywords, so keyword research should be a priority, it is extremely important for you to be able to sell your art on Etsy; and don't forget to make your art unique, which will enable you to describe it in full detail.

3. Presentation

Make sure that you're prepared when you start your art shop on Etsy, have several pieces ready to go to your art shop, first impressions are everything. I have found the most important thing is lighting when it comes to displaying artwork. I've gone into a lot of online Etsy shops that have bad lighting and terrible focus on their art. Having good lighting and high-quality photos will allow you to properly show off your artwork.


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Create your own style for your art and stay consistent with your own style. The beautiful thing there is, there is somebody out there who already loves your style of art.

4. Social Media

Use social media outlets. Think about it there are millions and millions of
people, who are on social media every single day. You got to be on social media, so you can check out new art, communicate with potential customers, and promote your artwork. I recommend using Instagram and Pinterest due to the platforms were primarily designed to share photos.


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You can also find and read about the top 3 best art books ever that may assist you in your goal to sell art on Etsy by clicking here. I hope that this article was helpful. If you have any questions please leave them down in the comment section below. If you like this post please give me feedback so I can make more posts like it. 

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