How To Sell Art For Millions Of Dollars!

How to sell art for millions of dollars?

The trick to selling art is to remember that the value or worth of art, is not truly quantifiable in dollar amounts. Meaning it's all perspective of worth, it is how the art makes the person feel, and the worth or value that they are willing to pay for the art. Which is different for everyone, because everyone thinks and feels differently. Most importantly people have different budgets, so you have to present your art to the right person, at the right time. 

Ask yourself the question where would my multimillion or billionaire clients (individuals or businesses) be at? What neighborhood, street, state, country are they at? or are they online? And if so how do I get in contact with them? Usually, if something is done really well, in our case, your artwork. It has a way of selling itself, especially if it is worth a million dollars. Art collectors have a way of showing up, to your doorsteps, and when they see the art they like and when they do you bill them.

Here are some guidelines to go by, to help you produce art that is worth a million dollars. This is just my opinion, however, I do recommend you answer the following questions, genuinely, it will assist you in creating that million-dollar art piece.

7 simple principles to follow for creating value in art


Is your art authentic? Is it unique?


Does your art have its own style? Is it fashionable? does it break new grounds?


Do you have a name as an artist? Are you well known?

And if you don't have a name, what are you doing to grow your name as an artist?


Is it a typical art piece? Or is something new? How can you add originality to the mix?


What kind of condition is the artwork in? Is it in the best condition possible?


What types of materials were used in the production of the artwork? Are the materials the highest quality?


Is it one of kind? Is it something that can easily be copied? or Is it a limited edition? Is it signed by you?


How big is the artwork? Is it the appropriate size for the subject?


What, who, how, where, and why is the purpose of the art? and what kind of feeling does the art piece project?


Is the artwork a classic? Is it something that will be talked about 100 years from now?

Best places to sell your art for millions of dollars online!

Artsy – A monstrous, adventure supported online gallery that sells art from great artists from everywhere throughout the world.

"Artsy's mission is to make all the world's art available to anyone with an Internet connection. We are an asset for art gathering and education."

Artfire – somewhat like Etsy, ArtFire is a marketplace for crafters and a network where individuals from around the globe meet up to purchase, sell and associate. Digital broadcasts, gatherings, and articles keep buyers and sellers on top of the art market.

Etsy – A notable site taking into account a network of artists who make handcrafted pieces. – Sell prints at any value you want. Fine Art America handles the coordinations of satisfying each request by the consumer. You just focus on creating the design.

Artplode – On Artplode galleries, dealers, artists, and collectors can list art for a low price of $60 per artwork for promoting. No commission is charged to buyers or sellers. Artworks must be estimated at $1000+ to be offered available to be purchased on Artplode.

CafePress – Turn your art into one of a kind items and get highlighted on the webpage without stressing over dealing with an online storefront. 

Shopify –  Shopify offers seemingly the most remarkable eCommerce experience on the web.

Saatchi Art – Saatchi Art is an online art marketplace through which artists can sell various prints. Saatchi handles the dispatching of the art and the artist pays for the bundling. Saatchi takes a 35% commission on each piece sold. Artists of all mediums can sell on Saatchi, and can even utilize the stage to offer commissions.

Squarespace – Squarespace offers a free preliminary and broad form for creative design. They make fabricating a site exceptionally simple. 

Artspan – offers a coordinated eCommerce platform for your own site just as a committed online art marketplace. Artists pay a monthly charge extending from around $8 to around $25 dependent on the bundle. 

eBay – The world's biggest auction site.

Imagekind – An online marketplace offering artists a spot to sell their art with print-on-demand, excellent printing and encircling options, a strong network, and promoting tips.

Pictorem – sells print on demand reproductions and handles all the printing costs. Artists can make an online gallery of their work, decide the cost of their art and keep all the returns without commission taken out. 

Singulart – is a curated online art gallery that gives computerized deal devices to their artists and handles all installment, protection, transportation, and conveyance. Artists must apply to join Singulart, and they favor artists who as of trending have some degree of recognition.

FASO (Fine Art Studios Online) – FASO has been around for a long time, with a consumer loyalty rating of 4.62 out of 5.

Zatista – is an online marketplace for artists to sell their unique work. Artists are chosen by means of planned rounds of curation, keeping the general quality higher than other online art marketplaces, however, it means you'll need to apply to join and sit tight for the following round of curation. 

Artfinder – is a curated online art marketplace that requires an application with numerous instances of your work. There is an assortment of seller plans accessible with various commissions taken out contingent upon the arrangement picked. Artfinder sells unique art only.

ArtStoreFronts –  is a newcomer to the site-building space. They initially positioned themselves as a route for artists to sell prints on demand, however, they have turned to be a full eCommerce platform for artists.

UGallery – As per UGallery, their "mission is to "democratize" the way toward selling artwork by connecting artists to legitimate collectors." UGallery is a juried platform with an application procedure that guarantees that all art sold through the site keeps up an elevated expectation of greatness. 

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