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How To Sell Art For Millions Of Dollars!
Dawit Abeza
How To Sell Art For Millions Of Dollars!

How to sell art for millions of dollars?

Make art that is valued at a million dollars.

The trick is to remember that the value or worth of art, is not truly quantifiable. Meaning it's all perspective, it is how the art makes the person feel, and the worth or value that they are willing to pay for the art. Which is different for everyone, because everyone thinks and feels differently. Most importantly people have different budgets, so you have to present the art to the right person, at the right time.

Ask yourself the question where would my multimillion or billionaire client (individuals or businesses) be at? What neighborhood, street, state, country or are they online? And how do I get in contact with them? Usually, if something is done really well, in our case, artwork. The art has a way of selling itself, no marketing needed, especially if it is worth a million dollars. Art collectors have a way of showing up, to your doorsteps, and when they do bill them.

Here are some guidelines to go by, to help you produce art that is worth a million dollars. I recommend you answer the following questions, genuinely, it will assist you in creating that million dollar art piece.

7 principles to creating value in art. And selling your work for millions of dollars.


Is your art authentic? Is it unique?


Does your art have its own style? Is it fashionable?


Do you have a name as an artist? Are you well known? And if you don't have a name, what can you do to grow your name as an artist?


Is it a typical art piece? Or is something new? How can you add originality to the mix?


What kind of condition is the artwork in? Is it in the best condition possible?


What types of materials were used in the production of the artwork? Are the materials the highest quality?


Is it one of kind? Is it something that can easily be copied? Is it a limited edition? Is it signed?


How big is the artwork? Is it the appropriate size for the subject?


What, who, how, why, and where is the subject? and what kind of feeling does the art piece project?


Is the artwork a classic? Is it something that will be talked about 100 years from now?

To learn more about art click here. If you guys have any questions or comments please let me know below. You can also read 3 best art history books ever written, which will assist you in making your first million by fully understanding art history you have a better chance to sell more art, click here to get those books. 


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