Famous Spiritual Artists & Spirituality In Contemporary Art

Famous Spiritual Artists & Spirituality In Contemporary Art

What is spiritual art?

Spiritual art or sacred art is the creative ideal or process of using divinity as inspiration and themes to positively uplift consciousness. Some Spiritual artists may use a ritual or cultic practices of spiritual manifestation to create their artwork.

Contemporary Famous Spiritual Artists

Without further ado here are 10 contemporary famous spiritual artists:

  1. Brian David
  2. Naomi Walker
  3. Nicky Tsierkezou
  4. Andrej Tisma
  5. Freydoon Rassouli
  6. Alex Grey
  7. Amanda Sage
  8. Bridget Nielsen
  9. Mark Henson
  10. Lori Felix

Spirituality In Art

Brian David

"I’ve not really had as much time as I'd like to create art. 'It kinda happens when it happens'. For some time now I have been working towards a 'series or collection' in my spare time. Sure I can draw and I am OK at it.

But I wanted to create a 'style of Art', like the Impressionists or along those lines. So for the time being in my own soul search, this had become the theme or brief. One way to describe my artworks to date is that they have been somewhat spiritual in nature." - Brian David

Egon Schiele Most Famous Paintings


The starry night by Vincent Van Gogh

The starry night by Vincent Van Gogh


Naomi Walker

"Since I was a child, I have channeled and painted the energies that are all around us. I worked as a landscape painter for many years, yet found myself more and more drawn to my astrally-inspired work. I now create unique paintings for people from all over the world and offer hand-finished Energy Prints.

I live and work in Northumberland in the UK. It's a beautiful part of the world with the inspiring countryside and a fabulous coastline. I use this energy to create the Spiritscapes I paint. My Angel's work is channeled from the energies that surround individuals, including myself. The images often come with their own messages. These paintings have a habit of finding the person who needs them.

My work has been used all over the world for healing, meditation, astral traveling, and other spiritual practices. Very often I work for individuals who want a painting that specifically relates to their energy, or the energy of their loved ones - in this realm or the afterlife." - Naomi Walker 

Top 10 Most Famous Paintings by Andy Warhol


Nicky Tsierkezou

"My art is full of love, imagination, and pure healing energies and I share it with you from my soul. I have been creating one way or another since I was young, using all sorts of media.

I have been lucky to be able to connect with the universal realms, creating from the Faye World, the Angel Kingdom, Animal Spirits, Ancestors, Nature Energies and so much more. Intuitive creating for me is that I have a blank piece of paper in front of me I do not know what I will create." - Nicky Tsierkezou 

Kazimir Malevich Most Famous Paintings


Andrej Tisma

"The spiritual art generates from ancient experiences of meditation, magic, telepathy which today's science is dealing with, and is induced by knowledge in contemporary biology (the theory of Morphogenetic fields) and physics (holographic paradigm).

The spiritual art is performed by spiritually purified persons which function as a mediator between the laws of existence and the recipient. The artwork is manifested in the spheres of spiritual interchange, of resonance between people. In this form of creativity, the artist is communicating with the collective unconscious, with spiritual potentials of the whole universe.

The spiritual artist is inspiring the sense of existence by his activities, changing the everyday life into an unlimited and eternal work of art." - Andrej Tisma 

Top 10 Most Famous Paintings by Georgia O'Keeffe


Freydoon Rassouli

"My paintings are inspirational for they allow the observer to experience infinite viewpoints and perceptions. They are not abstract for they represent what is actually more real than what our eyes are able to see.

They allow the viewers to be inspired by taking their own perception beyond their senses and their surroundings. Creation is the product of synchronizing our energy with the universe.

Once we experience the whole and recognize it, we become aware that we are nothing but the Divine Creative Force." - Freydoon Rassouli 

Top 10 Most Famous Paintings by Sandro Botticelli


Mona Lisa Painting By Leonardo da Vinci

Mona Lisa Painting By Leonardo da Vinci

Alex Grey

“The purpose of truly transcendent art is to express something you are not yet, but something that you can become. I think that frequently, many times in the beginning of our path as artists, we do have to deal with our upsets and our negativeness - in regard to, mostly, ourselves.

We may be taking it out on our loved ones or people close to us, but really we're just mad at ourselves for not giving ourselves the time to devote to our inner development and doing the soul work through our artwork. So there's a certain amount of working through that.

You may have to cry, you may have to dance, you may have to get the energy moving in whatever way you can, and if you need to scream as you work that's as much of a prayer as the more refined kinds of artist's prayers. Sometimes it's a more direct kind of thing. You can scream in rage, you can scream your need for God, whatever's there for you.

You've got to start where you're at. If you think that you can just start making spiritual art without addressing all the build-up of shadow material that you may be carrying around with you, and it's leaking out at the borders, then I don't think that's any good. You've got to be true.

So wherever you're at, that's where you start. And as far as the artist creating spiritual or visionary art, I think that it's obvious and important that the artist experiences the transpersonal states prior to them trying to bring it out in their work, otherwise they're just doing imitative or derivative kind of work.

It has to be from some authentic inner experience, and as long as you've had some experience of your soul or spiritual reality in some way, or visionary reality, then by all means - if it's compelling, make pictures of it.” - Alex Grey 

Vincent Van Gogh Most Famous Paintings


Amanda Sage

"Through my work I aim to shatter the ‘illusion of separation’, to challenge the viewer to question and evolve out of ignorance, conditioning, and ingrained genetic habits. In life, I strive to take responsibility for the effect of my existence, and through my actions and images, inspire others to think/dream beyond their immediate capacity.

Ultimately I seek to create portals that open to the infinite possibilities of being and expressing, so that we may remember and re-discover who we are, where we originate from, and where we are headed.

My aspiration is to paint messages, visions, and narratives that communicate with an ‘older & wiser us’, awakening ancient memory; as well as the ‘present us’, that we may grow up and accept the responsibilities towards ourselves, each other, and the rest of existence on this planet… now" - Amanda Sage 

Top 10 Most Famous Paintings by Thomas Sully


The Great Wave off Kanagawa By Katsushika Hokusai

The Great Wave off Kanagawa By Katsushika Hokusai 


Bridget Nielsen

"This life’s theme is to 'bridge life' between my Earth/human lives (3rd Density) and my fully awakened galactic and inter-dimensional counterparts (4th Density). My life’s theme is to wake up, remember, and live as my multi-dimensional self.

I use visual art, creativity, communication (mediumship), and my extra sensitivity to open my blocked human aspects – merging male & female and the dark & light within me as I remember my infinite nature with existence.

The unique way I shift myself (and therefore my world/collective) is by communing with higher frequencies, other lifetimes, and bridging that energy and understanding into my physical experience. One of the ways my theme is expressed is by being the bridge between humanity and the hybrids ~ being a contact ambassador between the two realities." - Bridget Nielsen 

Giorgione Most Famous Paintings


Mark Henson

"I was lucky enough to encounter some ancient wisdom from India while a youngster, and so I learned to focus my creative ability on what I do best and to work for the enlightenment of all. My art tends to be somewhat narrative- I like to tell a story or show a state of emotion or consciousness with my images. I often begin with some sort of idea or theme.

This theme might be suggested by anything, or may just drift into consciousness during my day. I am often asked if I receive these images while dreaming asleep. Sometimes they do come in dreams, but usually, they are floating around in my mind, just waiting to be noticed. While I tend to be a down-to-earth person, when aspiring to creativity, I begin by looking deeply within myself and seek to express what I may find there.

My sincere wish is to tap into the Divine Source of Being, to Consciousness, to Spirit, or whatever you may call it-, that place where existence comes from, and to bring into visual reality images manifesting the knowledge revealed while in this presence. Strangely enough, I have discovered that the more intensely personal my vision is, the more universal its message when presented to the world.

I believe that art can have the ability to catalyze social and cultural changes. Art has the magical power to evoke emotional as well as intellectual thinking. Realizing this, my desire as an artist is to create compelling images of beauty and power that serve to promote our Conscious Evolution as human beings and to show us how to live in a peaceful world. To this end, I like to explore and present images with themes of Awakening Consciousness, Divine Sexuality, Political Realities, and Living in Harmony with Nature." - Mark Henson 

John Everett Millais Most Famous Paintings


Lori Felix

"My paintings are forms of prayer; I go deep within my spirit, where colors, forms, and textures flow through me. I paint from my heart, it’s a Love affair between the canvas and me, colors burst forth, organic and figurative shapes emerge as I work in the details. We are all connected in this synchronistic medley of nature and the Universe.

We become whole as we live our passion and walk the path of our True Nature. Then we Trust. It’s taken decades of going within and following my heart so I can share these visions of Love and light. Through my use of colors and subject matter, it is my intention to inspire healing and instill a sense of peace, harmony, and bring balance into the lives of everyone.

While living the unpredictable life of an artist has been challenging, the rewards have been immense, learning to trust in the unknown has brought endless possibilities my way. Sharing this gift of inspiring words and imagery brings joy to my heart. Being an artist is my calling, and sharing my creation is my legacy and gift to the world." - Lori Felix 

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