The Top 20 Famous 18th Century Artists

The Top 20 Famous 18th Century Artists 

The 18th century was a period of significant artistic development, with various styles and movements emerging during this time.

Famous 18th Century Artists

Here is a list of 20 famous artists from the 18th century:

  1. Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732-1806) - Known for his Rococo paintings and playful, erotic themes.
  2. Thomas Gainsborough (1727-1788) - An English portrait and landscape painter of the Rococo and early Romantic periods.
  3. Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792) - Prominent English portrait painter and founder of the Royal Academy of Arts.
  4. Francisco Goya (1746-1828) - A Spanish painter who transitioned from Rococo to Romanticism, known for his powerful and often dark works.
  5. Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin (1699-1779) - A French painter known for his still-life and genre paintings.
  6. Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830) - An English portrait painter, particularly famous for his portraits of British aristocracy.
  7. Angelica Kauffman (1741-1807) - An Austrian Neoclassical painter who was one of the founding members of the Royal Academy in London.
  8. George Stubbs (1724-1806) - An English painter known for his equestrian and animal paintings.
  9. Élisabeth Louise VigĂ©e Le Brun (1755-1842) - A French portrait painter who was the official portraitist of Marie Antoinette.
  10. Jacques-Louis David (1748-1825) - A French Neoclassical painter known for his historical and revolutionary-themed works.
  11. John Singleton Copley (1738-1815) - An American colonial portraitist and historical painter.
  12. Antoine Watteau (1684-1721) - A French Rococo painter known for his fĂȘte galante and theatrical scenes.
  13. George Romney (1734-1802) - An English portrait painter whose works often depicted the English gentry.
  14. Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1696-1770) - An Italian Rococo painter known for his grand frescoes and ceiling paintings.
  15. Jean-Baptiste Greuze (1725-1805) - A French genre painter known for his sentimental and moralizing works.
  16. Johann Zoffany (1733-1810) - A German neoclassical painter who worked extensively in England, known for his society portraits and theatrical scenes.
  17. William Blake (1757-1827) - An English painter, poet, and printmaker, known for his mystical and symbolic works.
  18. Henry Fuseli (1741-1825) - A Swiss painter known for his dramatic and imaginative works, including "The Nightmare."
  19. Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-1778) - An Italian artist famous for his etchings of Rome and architectural fantasies.
  20. Joshua Johnson (1763-1824) - One of the first African American portrait painters, known for his work in the United States during the late 18th century.

A Glimpse into the 18th Century Art Movement

The 18th-century art movement was a time of profound innovation. Artists ventured into uncharted territory, experimenting with new mediums and themes.

Instead of focusing solely on religious or mythological subjects, they began to capture the essence of everyday life and the beauty of nature, a reflection of the changing values and priorities of society.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Famous 18th Century Artists

  1. Who are some famous 18th century artists?

Some famous 18th-century artists include Johann Sebastian Bach, Thomas Gainsborough, Francisco Goya, and Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

  1. What is Johann Sebastian Bach known for?

Johann Sebastian Bach was a renowned German composer and musician known for his compositions such as the Brandenburg Concertos and the Mass in B Minor.

  1. What style of art did Thomas Gainsborough specialize in?

Thomas Gainsborough was an English painter who specialized in portrait and landscape paintings. He was a prominent figure in the Rococo movement.

  1. What are some famous works by Francisco Goya?

Francisco Goya, a Spanish painter, is famous for his works such as "The Third of May 1808" and "Saturn Devouring His Son."

  1. Who was Jean-Honoré Fragonard?

Jean-Honoré Fragonard was a French painter known for his ethereal and sensual paintings. His notable works include "The Swing" and "The Bolt."

  1. Where can I view artworks by these artists?

Artworks by famous 18th-century artists can be viewed at various museums and galleries worldwide. Some popular destinations include the Louvre in Paris, the National Gallery in London, and the Prado Museum in Madrid.

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