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Business Questions & Answers for Art Entrepreneurs
Dawit Abeza
Business Questions & Answers for Art Entrepreneurs

Business Questions & Answers for Art Entrepreneurs

Why specifically are you on social media?

I am on social media to let the whole world know about ATX Fine Arts. I believe ATX Fine Arts is one of the best online galleries in the world due to the fact it carries historically unique pieces, which are valued at thousands of dollars by art collectors.

What are your reasons?

To add artistic value to the individual clients, consumers, or businesses. ATX Fine Arts provides affordable fine art prints on beautifully wood-crafted canvases and glossy acrylic prints, that every art enthusiast will appreciate and love.

What is your purpose in spreading the word?

The purpose is to bring consumer satisfaction. Whether it's decorating their homes or businesses. Or buying a special piece for themselves or someone they appreciate.

What do you want to communicate?

The art pieces on ATX Fine Arts, are timeless pieces, that hold their value and uniqueness. The intent is for each piece to hopefully resonate with the consumer. 

What type of interactions or ongoing dialogue will you be hoping for?

A positive and in-depth interaction involving arts, where various concepts of art are discussed in relation to human consciousness. In the hopes to bring an awareness of different forms of art.

How does your art fit into the bigger picture?

ATX Fine Arts gives art lovers a place to find their unique form of art that express to them. The big picture is to inspire people to present their own special form of art to the world.

What contributions do you believe that sharing your art and artistic outlook on life will make?

My hope is for people to get involved in doing, being, and having the things that they love. My faith is that the art they purchase from ATX Fine arts stimulates and inspires people to do what they love. Or for them to recognize their individual success, value, worth, and uniqueness in life.

Collection of Art | Austin Art | ATX Fine Arts

"My artistic outlook is to do what you love " -Dawit Abeza 


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