What Is Boudoir Photography? [ Everything You Need To Know]

What Is Boudoir Photography? Everything You Need To Know

Boudoir photography is a type of photography that provides the opportunity for clients to explore their sensuality and femininity.

Boudoir photography is not pornographic but often contains sensual and suggestive images that are intended to evoke emotions of love, desire and seduction. The term boudoir is French and translates to mean "a lady's private sitting room".

Boudoir photography sessions are most often done in a studio environment and usually last anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the client's specific needs.

As with any type of photography session, the selection of wardrobe, hair and makeup is an important decision to create the desired effect. The clothing that is chosen should be flattering and sexy while still being tasteful.

How does boudoir photography work?

Boudoir photography is more often than not an intimate and one-on-one session, where the ultimate goal of a boudoir photographer is to leave their client with lasting memories of their time together. While they are working in a private setting, guests are encouraged to be as open as possible.

The boudoir photographer will ask questions about the personal details of their client's life and share any experience that they have had that might help guide the images to be taken.

Unlike traditional photos, boudoir sessions often feature fewer poses or limits on where guests can touch themselves or one another. Clients should not feel pressured and should always feel comfortable asking questions while interacting with the photographer.

Boudoir photography sessions are mostly done in the home of the client and can be done just about anywhere. Some clients prefer to have a specific location in mind while others simply enjoy being surrounded by all of their favorite belongings.

Boudoir photography is typically done during special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and engagements but can also be done weekly to create something new each time. 

The Benefits of Boudoir Photography

Below are various potential benefits that can be derived from boudoir photography.


Boudoir photography sessions create priceless memories that clients can share with friends and family long after their photo session has ended. A wide variety of outfits along with makeup, jewelry and hairstyles all help to create a unique experience for each guest.

The boudoir photographer is often able to reassure their client during the shoot, providing them with a sense of comfort and self-confidence that they might not have experienced before their session.


Boudoir photography sessions provide the opportunity for couples to engage in an intimate photoshoot. The ability to be completely uninhibited with one another inspires couples who are already comfortable with one another to feel more connected and intimate.

Due to increased intimacy, relationships often improve once a photoshoot has taken place.

Positive body image

Boudoir photography sessions can help many clients to improve their mental and physical health as it inspires them to feel more intimate with themselves and others. Boudoir photography helps clients set physical goals for themselves and actively work towards them. 

Personal growth

Boudoir photography sessions help clients to become more knowledgeable about themselves, both physically and emotionally. Clients can connect with their bodies in ways that they have never before imagined and thus can improve their self-esteem.

Capturing a special moment

Boudoir photography sessions are often done during special occasions such as birthday parties, anniversaries, engagements or even wedding preparation. Boudoir photography sessions create lasting memories that clients can show off to all of their friends and family so long as they feel free to share the images with them.

Social media

Boudoir photography is now commonly seen on Instagram or Snapchat; sometimes one session can include many posts. With the client's approval photos are shared via social media to increase awareness of the boudoir photography industry as a whole.

Support groups

Boudoir photography is a growing industry, and in some areas, it can be difficult to find a boudoir photographer - especially due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter.

Many women have found great support and companionship in boudoir photo groups, which allow them to meet with others who are also interested in having boudoir photos taken. These groups provide clients with a wonderful place to talk about their experiences and share tips that they can use when planning their photoshoots.

What do you wear to a boudoir photo shoot?

You should dress for your boudoir picture shoot according to your own sense of style, your degree of comfort, and the mood you want to set. For your perusal, here are some choices:

Some women dress in lingerie, which can be anything from subtle and elegant to sensual and erotic. The silk robe, the lace bra and briefs, and the corset are all popular options.

Some people may deliberately choose to wear clothes that are relatively sheer or see-through, or that have pieces of fabric positioned in such a way as to offer a discreet glimpse of flesh. If you want to look seductive without displaying too much skin, this may be a good alternative for you.

You can also opt to dress in a way that boosts your confidence by wearing clothes that are flattering to your figure. Dresses, suits, and even your favorite pair of jeans and tee all fit into this category.

Add some sexy or sophisticated touches to your boudoir photos by accessorizing. Accessories like a fedora or another hat, or a pair of stilettos, are also possible.

You should discuss your expectations and the desired aesthetic with your photographer ahead of time. Whatever you decide to wear for your boudoir shoot, make sure it makes you feel beautiful and secure.

Why Boudoir Photography Is So Significant

Intimate, sensuous, and personal portraits of people are the focus of boudoir photography, which is often shot in a secluded location like a bedroom or hotel room. The images can be taken in a wide variety of settings, but they are always composed to highlight the subject's sensuality and intimacy.

In recent years, boudoir photography has risen in popularity as a way for women to express their individuality and gain confidence. Photos like this have the power to boost a woman's self-esteem, make her feel beautiful, and remind her of her strength.

Couples often utilize boudoir photography as a means to commemorate their love for one another and to create a unique and memorable keepsake of their time together.

The intimate and sensual nature of boudoir photography can evoke strong feelings of nostalgia and longing. Besides being a special and original present, it can also help couples rediscover each other and reawaken their affection for one another.

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It was interesting to learn that the boudoir photographer will ask us for details about our life experiences that can help guide the pictures that will be taken since this type of photography lets their clients explore their sensuality and femininity. I worked hard on losing weight these past few months, so as to commemorate reaching my ideal weight, I plan to do a photoshoot soon. I’ll take note of this while I look for a boudoir photographer in Kent to book for the pictorial soon. https://www.shellyerwichphotography.com/boudoir-photography

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