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Acoustic Guitar Black And White Photograph Print

Acoustic Guitar -Black And White Photo -Museum Quality Fine Art Prints


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Art print
ATX Fine Arts

Acoustic Guitar -Black And White Photo

Benefits of playing the guitar

The guitar is an instrument that brings people together as a group and connects them through music. Socially, guitarists can enjoy the following benefits: Raise your own mood by playing the guitar outside in front of people. Simply plugging in your guitar, playing it, and listening to the music you’re creating can make you feel good—orgasmically so. According to a neuroscientific study from McGill University, hearing music triggers the release of dopamine in the brain, the same chemical that’s released during sex.

Wave your stress goodbye. No matter what’s causing you to feel stressed, spend some time playing your guitar. At the very least it will boost your mood and shift your focus, and before you know it, the stress of the day will subside. Once you get into your groove, you’ll feel much more relaxed. According to a study from HELPGUIDE “playing music is like a mega-vitamin, engaging more areas of the human brain than any other activity. Music’s ability to help us shift thought patterns and moods, and even improve our physical well being is quite remarkable.” So next time you feel stressed, take it out on your guitar, not your loved ones.


Boost Your Brain Power. Playing an instrument, however, naturally stimulates the brain. You’re focusing on reading music, learning chords, and doing several things at once. plus, in order to improve, you have to pay close attention to detail so you can correct errors and make adjustments. According to Medical News Today, based on findings from a study in Scotland, “people who practice musical instruments have sharper brains because they pick up mistakes in their performance and fix them more quickly than other people.”

Acoustic Guitar 

  • There are three sorts of the cutting edge Acoustic guitars – Classical (nylon strings), steel-string guitar, and archtop guitar, and the well-known variety of traditional guitar called twelve-string guitars.
  • Low pitch guitar can be acoustic.
  • Acoustic guitars affected present-day music, particularly after guitars become the most mainstream melodic instrument on earth in the early long periods of the twentieth century.
  • Today, the most prevalent instruments are piano and guitar.
  • Between the fifteenth and late eighteenth century, medieval European guitars were made in different unrestrained shapes. This prompted the formation of some exceptionally novel instruments.
  • History of guitars goes right back to 2000-1500 BC Middle East, India, and Asia.
  • The most solid proof about their initial use originates from old Persia (current Iran).
  • The most remarkable periods when acoustic guitars experienced critical changes were late Roman Empire, Renaissance,
  • Florid, and late nineteenth century when the advanced type of acoustic guitar was shaped.
  • Guitar become driving melodic instrument just in the twentieth century. During medieval occasions, acoustic guitars were utilized as a beat instrument.
  • A famous minor departure from the traditional acoustic guitar is 12 stringed guitar.
  • Cutting edge old-style guitar was gone before by a few well known medieval guitars – Lute, Vihuela, the four-course Renaissance guitar, lastly the five-course elaborate guitar.
  • Present day-old style guitars are today utilized as the essential instruments in numerous famous music kinds, including blues, nation, people, flamenco, jazz, mariachi, soul and others.
  • Nylon guitars can be isolated in a few kinds – Rennaisance, Baroque, Romantic, Classical, Flamenco and Extended-territory
  • Steel-stringed guitars types are – twelve strings, Resonator, Archtop, Selmer, Battente, Lap Steel, Lyre, Parlor, Weissenborn
  • Uncategorized guitar types are – Harp guitar, banjo, Guitar lute, and Pikasso guitar.
  • The dad of current guitar look was Spaniard Antonio de Torres Jurado who hardened measurements that we today partner with "old style" acoustic guitars.
  • The more established old hung that looks like the present-day traditional guitar was chitara. It was utilized in the Roman Empire, acquired Spain, and there it developed into numerous shapes during medieval hundreds of years.
  • There were two kinds of its Latin guitar and Moorish guitar.
  • Acoustic guitar transposes notes. Its pitch sounds one octave lower than it is documented no a score.

Acoustic Guitar Black And White Photograph Print

Acoustic Guitar Black And White Photograph Print

Our fine art prints are just the way to add that beautiful finishing touch to a room! Printed on archival quality paper and a perfect matte finish for framing.

• Printed on Breathing Color Pura Smooth paper (archival quality)
• 300gsm weight
• Matte finish, no surface glare
• Printed by an 11 color Epson printer using Epson Ultrachrome HDX inks
• Inks are museum quality and feature print permanence ratings of up to 200 years
• Resistant to humidity, UV and atmospheric ozone

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