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In the Tepidarium by Lawrence Alma Tadema | Fine Arts Prints

In the Tepidarium by Lawrence Alma Tadema | Fine Arts Prints

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In the Tepidarium by Lawrence Alma Tadema | Fine Arts Prints


The tepidarium is a warm bath in the Roman culture. Lawrence was affected by the Roman culture in a large portion of his painting as is found right now. The painting shows a beautiful lady lying on a love seat after a bath. The style utilized in the tepidarium painting is Romanticism. This style was utilized to paint naked paintings and draw out the beauty of the bare skin. The strategy included the utilization of splendid colors to draw out the beauty in the painting. Additionally, the strategy utilized each stroke with precision to draw out an even tone on the woman's body. The painting shows the blushing flushed and colored cheeks of the lady. The materials used to breath life into this painting and show the beauty of the lady is oil and canvas. Oil and canvas were favored in Lawrence Alma-Tadema's paintings as they demonstrated contrasting color with class. Each stroke utilized right now finished with care, and the woman's beautiful body is portrayed in a classy way. The lady's bends appear right now, they show the natural beauty of ladies. The painting was commissioned by the An and F pears soap company who wanted to utilize it for a soap commercial. They later chose not to utilize it as they saw that it would stun the greater part of their clients with its suggestive nakedness. The An and F Company made a strong move by not utilizing this image, especially in the nineteenth century. The tepidarium painting is part of a private assortment at the lady switch art gallery in port daylight. The woman holds an ostrich feather, and she strategically places it on her lower abdomen. Then again, she holds a strigil which was utilized to scrap the skin after taking a bath and oiling it. Lawrence Alma-Tadema was an artist and a teacher at the Royal Academy. Here he guided a ton of his understudies who ended up being great painters like John William Godward. The artist was known for his Victorian-propelled paintings. In a large portion of his paintings, he indicated the beauty of the ladies in a generally fascinating and classy way.


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"As the Sun colours flowers, so art colours life." - Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema


"Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly and without law, and must be plucked where it is found, and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration." - Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema


The perfect accent for any space! Each wood print is unique due to the natural qualities of each individual panel of wood.

• Wood canvas made from Birch wood sourced from sustainable Canadian forests
• UV set inks, meaning the print resists water
• Each wood print is made in Montreal, Canada
• Easy care, don’t touch the print if you don’t have to, but you can wipe it with a dry or damp cloth to remove dust
• Arrives ready to hang! 4 panel frame in back allows you to just pop the wood print on a small nail in the wall, no wires necessary



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