Collection: Hendrick Avercamp

Hendrick Avercamp

Hendrick Avercamp was a Dutch painter. Avercamp was conceived in Amsterdam, where he contemplated with the Danish-conceived picture painter Pieter Isaacks (1569–1625), and maybe likewise with David Vinckboons. In 1608 he moved from Amsterdam to Kampen in the territory of Overijssel. Avercamp was hard of hearing and quiet and was known as "de Stomme van Kampen" (the quiet of Kampen). As one of the principal landscape painters of the seventeenth-century Dutch school, he had practical experience in painting the Netherlands in winter. Avercamp's paintings are bright and energetic, with painstakingly made pictures of the individuals in the landscape. A significant number of Avercamp's paintings include individuals ice skating on solidified lakes. Avercamp's work delighted in incredible notoriety and he sold his drawings, a significant number of which were tinted with water-shading, as completed pictures to be stuck into the collections of authorities. The Royal Collection has an extraordinary assortment of his works. Avercamp kicked the bucket in Kampen and was entombed there in the Sint Nicolaaskerk.

Avercamp presumably painted in his studio based on draws he had made in the winter. Avercamp was popular even abroad for his winter landscapes. The enthusiasm for painting skating characters most likely originated from his adolescence as he working on skating with his folks. The last quarter of the sixteenth century, during which Avercamp was conceived, was probably the coldest time of the Little Ice Age.

The Flemish painting convention is primarily communicated in Avercamp's initial work. This is reliable with the landscapes of Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Avercamp painted landscapes with high skyline and numerous figures who are working on something. The paintings are account, with numerous stories. For example, remembered for the painting "Winter landscape with skaters" are a few salacious subtleties: a couple having intercourse, stripped rump, and a peeing male. Later in his life drawing the climate was additionally significant in his work. The skyline likewise step by step dropped down under increasingly more air. Avercamp utilized the painting procedure of an aeronautical point of view. The profundity is recommended by a difference in shading out there. To the front items are painted in more extravagant colors, for example, trees or a vessel, while farther articles are lighter. This strategy reinforces the impression of profundity in the painting. Avercamp has additionally painted dairy cattle and seascapes. In some cases, Avercamp utilized paper outlines, which were a modest choice of oil paintings. He previously drew with pen and ink. This work was then secured with completing paint. The shapes of the drawing remained. Indeed, even with this method, Avercamp could show the pale snowy colors and subtleties of the ice. Avercamp delivered around a hundred paintings. The main part of his artwork can be found in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the Mauritshuis in The Hague. From November 20, 2009, to February 15, 2010, the Rijksmuseum introduced a display of his work entitled "Little Ice Age".

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