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We currently are not providing any of our acrylic wall art paintings. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Acrylic Wall Art | High Gloss Famous Paintings Reproductions

Decorate your walls with stunning acrylic art on a high gloss finish. Art on acrylic is perfect for the home or office. The fine art paintings with the acrylic glass are luxurious, yet affordable, and will not break nor decay. Art on acrylic is extremely light compared to the heavy or chunky artwork that other galleries sell.

Art paintings on clear acrylic canvases have outstanding clarity, vibrancy, and interact superbly well with the natural light around the artwork. Thrill your walls now, with stunning fine art on acrylic glass.

Our acrylic prints for wall decor (otherwise called plexiglass) are of the highest quality utilizing the face mounting strategy for unrivaled color and dynamic quality. We were one of the primary organizations in the USA to offer gallery-quality acrylic prints.

Our assurance is a 100% money-back guarantee for each painting. We utilize the first face mount strategy where your acrylic print is made by printing to proficient evaluated paper. Afterward mounting the print to acrylic for ideal dynamic quality, color accuracy and life span (no fading!). The frameless acrylic face mount offers a fantastically and splendid showcase that no other wall decor can coordinate. In contrast to customary glass, where light basically goes through, the light refracts inside the acrylic making gigantic energy display.

Acrylic is one of a kind in that light refracts inside the acrylic (rather than going through as it does with glass) bringing about an illuminated appearance with the correct lighting. 

There is a great deal of rivalry out there from other organizations that are new to the processor utilizing a machine-made print direct to the acrylic procedure (mix ink into plastic). We have the experience and were one of the main organizations in the USA to make world-class acrylic face-mounted prints utilizing a procedure that accomplishes uncommon dynamic quality and a full-color array. For gallery-quality craftsmanship, which is the thing that we at ATX Fine Arts spotlight on.

Check out these Famous Artists who have shaped the art world!

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