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Work While They Sleep
Dawit Abeza
Work While They Sleep

Work While They Sleep

When things get tough, many people turn to motivational quotes for a bit of inspiration. We hope these various inspirational canvases including the famous "work while they sleep, learn while they party, save while they spend, then live like they dream" motivate you, to be a better you.

Inspirational art should trigger something within you when you read and look It. I hope these paintings do that for you. All of the unique paintings of "work while they sleep, learn while they party, save while they spend, then live like they dream" are masterfully printed on high-quality canvases, and will look great hanging from home, office or dorm.

Here are some of the ways these motivational masterpieces of art can benefit your home or office:

Work While They Sleep Canvas


Art can render a different or more beneficial viewpoint on a problem. Motivational art like "Work While They Sleep" provides you insight into the ideas and teachings of incredibly knowledgeable people. Whether they are alive or dead, their thoughts resonate and remain to teach us. Often times art remind us about what we already know, or aspire to be, and trigger something within us to get back on track.

Work While They Sleep Canvas

Inspirational art can create a pleasant atmosphere. Exhibiting art in an office encourages communication between colleagues and it’s an excellent way to generate a positive atmosphere. Promoting a positive work culture is quintessential in motivating your team, boosting productivity and retaining your team, and art can be helpful in achieving this.

"work while they sleep, learn while they party, save while they spend, then live like they dream"

This is a quote... represents the idea that any kind of success comes from work, and continuing to always learn and grow is part of the work. When you are truly working, you are investing in yourself, and part of investing is saving for your dreams and goals.

Work While They Sleep Canvas


art quotes are essential because they stimulate an emotional pulse point in our hearts and minds. The right art quote can help us to see light at the end of the tunnel, and give us that special burst of hope and strength to continue.

Wow, your office clients or team members. Since our first impressions are made within just 7 seconds, it’s important to make a positive impact when your clients enter your space. Displaying inspirational art really aids in creating a great lasting impression.

Work While They Sleep Canvas

Art is usually one of the most natural tools to use for shifting our perspective, entering another time or place, and feeding our imaginations. Any of the "Work While They Sleep" canvases will Arrive framed and ready to hang right out of the box.

Any of the artwork purchased on ATX Fine Arts accommodates me as an artist, along with helping the site grow organically, thank you very much.

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