What Is A Visual Artist?

What Is A Visual Artist? (What They Do And The Meaning)

Visual art is a form that can be seen and appreciated by the audience. Visual art forms include drawing, painting, sculpturing, printmaking, photography, ceramics, crafts, filmmaking, and architecture among others.

Meaning of a Visual Artist

 Visual artists hold expertise in creating appealing art forms such as sculptures, paintings, and others.

Many people who find satisfaction in artworks and visual arts can seek a pleasant and exciting career in visual arts when they possess and develop their respective artistic skills.

The Discipline of Visual Artists

As stated, visual artists are creative art workers and professionals who create art forms including photography, painting, graphic design, and sculptures, among others.

The professionals hold expertise in creating more dynamic artworks (including 3D and 2D artworks).

Apart from being employed in full-time job roles in a variety of business segments and industries (including architecture and filmmaking), a visual artist can also perform freelance work, and many prefer it due to its flexibility.

In the majority of the cases, a visual artist would be working in the below-given work disciplines related to visual art.

Decorative Art

Decorative Art

Visual artists working in decorative arts work in residential and commercial buildings and create the visual arts and the visual forms for the homes and rooms.

Commercial Art

Commercial Art 

Visual artists are employed by business organizations to create advertising and marketing materials, which is called commercial art.

Fine Art

 Fine Art

Some visual artists may hold specialization in creating graphics and fine art forms for museums and galleries.

Education and Qualification of a Visual Artist

Visual art has been popular since ancient times and gained huge prominence during the Renaissance period. Nowadays visual arts are being taught in Art schools and the Art Departments universities and colleges.

In most cases, visual artists are awarded degrees in Fine Arts. The visual artist may study many different forms of art and the theories, history, and media (among other aspects) before they can choose the medium and platform where they would like to work and focus.

Universities and colleges may offer both bachelor's as well as master's degrees in the stream of study.

A Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree is the highest qualification in most cases. However, one can pursue a Ph.D. in the stream of fine visual arts as well when one wants to focus on theoretical and critical aspects of the subject.

The Expert Duty Areas of Visual Artists

Visual artists work in a variety of areas related to art forms. Some of the work areas of a visual artist may include drawing images, paintwork, and others. In the industry, the main duties of the visual artist are listed below.

Designing creative art forms and materials for a particular industry. These creative arts may include paintings, promotional materials, sculptures, advertisements, and films among other art forms.These arts can be used in distinct kinds of collaborative work projects.

Training and supervising the new/fresher visual artists to produce more realistic and desired effects.

Collaborating and working with the creative directors and the advertising and marketing professionals to better understand the needs of the clients.

Visual artists may be a part of a team that fulfills the guidelines of the client and delivers a project matching the preferences of the end customers. Using their skills, knowledge, and expertise to create the initial sketches or blueprints of the project before the project is initiated.

Using a wide range of distinct materials including canvas and oils, carved wood, steel, paints, and even digital imagery for creating appealing visual arts. The artist may also use clay paint and design software to fulfill the project requirements.

Creating and designing the art forms from scratch and editing them until they fulfill the requirements and are up to the liking of the clients.

Brainstorming and collaborating with the designers and artists for digital animation requirements and projects.

When working in advertising, visual artists play a key role in creating the appropriate sales presentations that are used by the sales and marketing departments for targeting the audience.

It is also very important to choose the most appropriate artistic medium and media for a particular project so that the needs of the client are fulfilled in the best ways.

Understanding the guidelines and requirements of the client for creating art murals to reflect specific elements of a business.

Visual artists focus on the best sample layouts and design concepts (based on their qualifications and knowledge of the art form design concepts and principles).

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The Salary and Earning Potential of a Visual Artist

Visual artists are required and in demand in many different industries including construction, architecture, interior designing, movie making, graphic designing, and others.

Many of the colleges and universities in the USA and other parts of the world offer a bachelor's and/or a master's degree in visual arts.

The base salary of the visual artist can be somewhere around $41500 annually. The salary may depend on aspects and factors such as artistic ability, education, experience, and location. It may go up to $67500/annually with better experience and more qualifications.

Skills you need to be a visual artist

The universities offer certificates as well as degree-level courses in visual arts. However, you need some important skills to have a successful career as a visual artist. These skills are listed below.


Many visual artworks depend on the self-motivation and drive of the visual artist. Even when visual artists are employed in industries, they need to have self-motivation to start and complete the project in time and to work on a concept and idea from scratch.



Visual artists need to be imaginative and creative to create unique and beautiful artworks that are appealing to the audience and match their aspirations.

Visual artists create memorable advertising as well as marketing campaigns for businesses worldwide and help them succeed.

Artistic Abilities

Visual artists need to have artistic capabilities for laying down an idea and imagination on paper and use the right set of mediums and materials for illustration.

Expertise in Customer Service

The visual artist may work with the clients directly to obtain guidelines and to know exactly what the requirements of the clients are.Therefore, they require a good customer service attitude and skills to sell their project and work and to communicate and collaborate with colleagues as well as the clients.

Project Management

Visual artists are notable members of the project teams that handle and deliver projects fulfilling client requirements.

Therefore, they should process relevant project management qualifications and skills to ensure that the project is completed within the deadline and the objectives are made within the budget.


Visual artists get employment in many different industries and cater to a wide range of visual art needs of clients in different businesses. 

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