What Famous Artists Use Acrylic Paint? Here Are The Top 20

Famous Acrylic Artists & Paintings | Artists Who Use Acrylic Paint

What Famous Artists Who Use Acrylic Paint? Here Are The Top 20 Artists:

  1. Darien Bogart
  2. Andy Warhol
  3. Robert Motherwell
  4. Kenneth Noland
  5. Randy L. Honerlah
  6. Bridget Riley
  7. David Hockney
  8. Michael Wagner
  9. Mark Rothko
  10. Helen Frankenthaler
  11. Katia Zhukova
  12. Ray Hassard
  13. April M. Rimpo
  14. Thomas Hart Benton
  15. Timothy Mulligan
  16. Yael Maimont
  17. Scott Ramsay
  18. Roy Fox Lichtenstein
  19. Cher Anderson
  20. Angela Bandurka

     Top 35 Famous Acrylic Landscape Paintings

    Here Are Famous Artists Who Use Acrylic Paint

    Darien Bogart

    Darien Bogart's initial motivation originated from his admiration for nature: lively dawns, amazing dusks, and endless sea vistas. Bogart's love of art started at the Florida Atlantic University where he got a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Then he proceeded to further his education as the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale as a Graphics Art Major where he completed his degree.

    Andy Warhol

    Andy Warhol was an American artist, executive, and¬†designer. Warhol was one of¬†the main figures in the visual arts workspace. He is particularly known for his development in the pop art scene. His works investigate the relationship between artistic expression, VIP culture, advertising, and marketing that flourished by the 1960s; and span¬†of others¬†assortment of art media: painting, silkscreening, photography, film, and sculpture. Some of his best-realized works incorporate the silkscreen paintings: Campbell's Soup Cans (1962), Marilyn Diptych (1962), the exploratory film Chelsea Girls (1966), and the mixed media¬†creation known as the Exploding Plastic Inevitable (1966‚Äď67).

    Robert Motherwell

    Robert Motherwell was an American artist and creative abstract expressionist painter. Inspired by the compositions and drawings of Surrealists. Motherwell is maybe best known for his famous Elegy to the Spanish Republic composition, which comprises of 150 variations of dark structures on white foundations. Motherwell was born on January 24, 1915, in Aberdeen, WA, he moved to New York to learn at Columbia University with history art specialist Meyer Schapiro. It was Schapiro consolation that at first drove Motherwell to begin making paintings.

    Motherwell describes his painting "Painting is a medium where the brain can realize itself; it is a vehicle of the idea," he once reflected. "Consequently painting, similar to music, will, in general, become its very own substance."

    During the mid-1940s, he entered a milieu of youthful abstract artists that included William Baziotes, Jackson Pollock, and Willem de Kooning. One of Motherwell's biggest brakes came when he displayed his art with Cy Twombly and Robert Rauschenberg at the celebrated Black Mountain College. 

    Kenneth Noland

    Kenneth Noland was a¬†famous American¬†designer.¬†Noland was born on April 10, 1924, in Asheville, NC. His enthusiasm for working with high levels of colorful hues. Inspired him to create shapes like chevrons, stripes, and bullseyes. Noland's trademark¬†style of recoloring unprimed canvas emerged from his collaborations with Morris Louis, Clement Greenberg, and Helen Frankenthaler. The late pundit Hilton Kramer once composed of Noland: "A specialty of this sort puts an extremely substantial weight on the artist's reasonableness for shading, obviously‚ÄĒon his capacity to come up, over and over, with new and striking blends that both catch and support our consideration, and give the imperative joys." Noland was also a veteran of World War II and he used the G.I. Bill to learn at the Black Mountain College, where he took in shading¬†theory from Josef Albers.

    Randy L. Honerlah

    Randy Honerlah grew up in the San Francisco, CA. However, now lives in the Sierra lower regions with his wife Sharon. Honerlah has been painting since he was a kid. After working in the semiconductor business for 35 years. He decided to start painting again and get into the art scene. He has won numerous local and national honors for his paintings in acrylic. His topic ranges from natural scenes, botanicals, and theoretical structures. His works can be found from California to Hawaii to Europe.

    Bridget Riley

    Bridget Riley was conceived in Norwood, South London, in 1931. As a youngster she went to Cheltenham Ladies' College in Gloucestershire. Riley's artistic training started at Goldsmith's school of art in 1949. Then she attended the Royal College from 1952-1955. Riley displayed her artwork in various artistic events, such as the 'Youthful Contemporaries', London, in 1955, and at the South London Art Gallery in 1958. Riley is renowned as a pioneer and early defender of Op Art.

    David Hockney

    David Hockney, is an English painter, artist, printmaker, designer, and photographer. As one of the significant influencers of the pop art development throughout the 1960s; he is viewed as one of the most compelling British artists of the twentieth century. Hockney started painting uninhibited scenes: delineating empty pools, palm trees, and unending daylight. In the mid-1970s, Hockney proceeded to make his well-known photocollages with Polaroids and prints.

    Michael Wagner

    Michael Wagner was a pop pragmatist painter who spent a significant amount of time creating his own custom style of painting. His initial profession was an art instruction, which gave him the experience and opportunity to test and mix various visual arts. His works are loaded up with various layers for the observer to uncover. He views himself as a Pop Realist.

    Mark Rothko

    Mark Rothko was an American abstract artist of the mid-twentieth century. Rothko was a very knowledgeable and could speak four different languages. His artistic abilities were somewhat innate; he had no preparation in painting or drawing he was naturally very talented. Rothko accepted that art was a statement of feeling and representation of social conditions.

    Mark Rothko Paintings


    Helen Frankenthaler

    Helen Frankenthaler whose artistic career crossed six decades. Is perhaps perceived as one of the greatest American abstract expressionist artists of the twentieth century. She helped formalize abstract expressionism with her unique creativity and the field of gestural drawing. She was prominent due to her dynamic paintings and progression from abstract expressionism to color field painting. She has created an assortment of works whose effects can be seen on contemporary art.

    Katia Zhukova

    Katia Zhukova is a talented figurative artist. Who is now working and living in Buffalo, NY USA. She utilizes extremely quick-drying acrylic paint in her art. Every one of her paintings are created just using three essential colors. Every other color is blended on the palette from those essential colors. Zhukova uses shadows and lights to bring out subtle details.

    Ray Hassard

    Ray Hassard grew up in New York. He learned art at Pratt Institute and went to Saturday classes which where held at the Museum of Modern Art he also took local art classes close to his neighborhood. Hassard moved to Buffalo NY in 1977, where he was able to find work and he was commissioned to do various pieces. In 1985, he and his wife came to Cincinnati and progressed towards creating a music magazine. They became co-proprietors and distributers of American Record Guide.

    April M. Rimpo

    April M. Rimpo works with various water media colors, regularly mixing acrylic and watercolor to create her artwork. She uses shading and surface detailing techniques to convey the feeling of the scene. You will discover scenes, such as urban life or individuals working at their craft. Rimpo likes to rediscover life occurrences and beautiful conveys bits of life that catch her attention; and she creates a unique recount of that moment.

    Thomas Hart Benton

    Thomas Hart Benton was an American painter and muralist. Alongside Grant Wood and John Steuart Curry, he was one of the man artists who helped develop Regionalist art. His etched figures in his works of art demonstrate ordinary individuals living their lives. His works are connected with the Midwestern United States. He did however travel to Paris and live in New York City for over 20 years where he painted scenes of the American South and West.

    Timothy Mulligan 

    Timothy Mulligan went to Sacramento City College and got a degree in Fine Art. Subsequent to accepting his degree he worked as a printmaker; making etchings and prints. He even at times painted using watercolors and pastels while he was working. He showed his works at the Crocker Art Museum, the Haggin Museum, the California State Fair, and a few nearby art galleries.

    Mulligan's paintings have been displayed in exhibition halls throughout California and the country. He has gotten various honors, since 2014, and has been highlighted in numerous issues of The Artist's Magazine and Southwest Art Magazine. His work has additionally been distributed in The American Art Collector, International Artist Magazine, and other publications magazines.

    Yael Maimon

    Yael Maimon was conceived in Israel on January 22nd, 1980. She has been drawing and painting since she was a kid. In 2003 she graduated from Bar Ilan University with her first-degree B.A. in Psychology. Her art career began when she started to train with the oil painter Amnon David Ar in 2005-6 in Israel. Maimon's paintings are impressionist in style. And once her artwork started to get displayed in art exhibits, her global notoriety increased and her art continues to be purchased by private collectors.

    Scott Ramsay

    Scott Ramsay is an award winning artist who has his futuristic paintings displayed in Toronto, Montreal, and the US. A vast majority of his works embody natural life around the world.

    Roy Fox Lichtenstein 

    An American pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein was conceived in New York City on October 27, 1923, and grew up in the upper west side of Manhattan. During the 1950s, his artistic works included folklore and American history. He painted these subjects in a unique style that paid tribute to them. In the 1960s, Lichtenstein turned into one of the main figures for the new Pop Art movement. Lichtenstein's splendid and realistic works include American satirize, mainstream culture, and the art world itself.

    Cher Anderson

    Cher Anderson is a realistic artist and photographer who's enthusiasm for landscapes, natures, and animals is clearly presented in her works. Anderson started her voyage as a fine artist in 1980's and her artwork has developed over the years into finely detailed paintings and photographs.

    Angela Bandurka

    After numerous years as a graphic artist and an art director for corporation companies like Costco, RealNetworks, and Garrigan Lyman. Bandurka decided she would start painting. She was mentioned in the Southwest Art Magazine as an up and coming artist to be on the look out for in 2019. Her award winning artwork has been displayed in shows and galleries throughout North America.

    Vincent Van Gogh Artworks

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