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What Is Pop Surrealism?

Pop Surrealism or Lowbrow describes an underground visual pop art movement that arose in Los Angeles, California, area in the late 1970s.  

Top 20 Pop Surrealism Artists

  1. Robert Williams
  2. Marion Peck
  3. Josh Agle (Shag)
  4. Amy Sol
  5. Alex Gross
  6. Anthony Ausgang
  7. Camille Rose Garcia
  8. Esao Andrews
  9. Tim Biskup
  10. Mark Ryden
  11. Nicoletta Ceccoli
  12. Kenny Scharf
  13. James Jean
  14. Gary Baseman
  15. Camilla D'Errico
  16. Todd Schorr
  17. Audrey Kawasaki
  18. Ray Caesar
  19. Jeff Soto
  20. Tara McPherson

    Robert Williams


    Robert Is an American painter and cartoonist.¬†Robert was one of the first¬†artists to¬†bring about the term ‚Äúlowbrow‚ÄĚ into the fine arts lexicon, with his groundbreaking book:¬†The Lowbrow Art of Robt by Williams.

    To learn more about Robert Williams click here.


    Marion Peck


    Peck was born on October 3, 1963, in Manila, Philippines. And Is now considered one of the most famous pop surrealist artists in the United States. She is recognized for her amazing surrealist paintings.

    Peck earned a BFA from The Rhode Island School of Design in 1985. Afterward, she studied in two diverse MFA programs: Syracuse University in New York and Temple University in Rome.

    To learn more about Marion Peck click here.


    Josh Agle (Shag)


    Agle spent his early childhood in Hawaii and later moved with his family to Los Angeles. In 1995, Agle was asked by Otto Von Stroheim to contribute a painting to an exhibition. His composition quickly sold for $200 and caught the attention of the prominent gallery owner Billy Shire. Agle was given the chance to display a series of other masterpieces in a 1996 tiki-themed art show at Shire's La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Hollywood.

    To learn more about Josh Agle (Shag) click here.


    Amy Sol


    Sol is an American artist of Korean heritage, who currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sol typically paints on a treated wooden panel, her unique style incorporates the grain of the wood into the composition. Her form of pop-surrealism integrates both narrative and figurative forms of mysticism. Sol's compositions are usually portrayed by young maidens in a dream-like nature environment, within oversized or sometimes fanciful beings. 

    To learn more about Amy Sol click here.

    Alex Gross

    Alex Gross

    Gross lives in Los Angeles, California. In 1990, he got a BFA with honors from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

    He's had his art displayed in many museums and art gallery exhibitions all over the globe. His subjects incorporate globalization, trade, pandemonium, and the progression of time.

    To learn more about Alex Gross click here.

    Anthony Ausgang

    Anthony Ausgang

    Ausgang draws inspiration for his art from various outside channels that he thinks would be prudent. From the toys at a supermarket to gumball machines which were the inspiration for his recent show at the Whitney.

    At times he likes to structure his artwork on the PC. However, does come back to the traditional route as well.

    To learn more about Anthony Ausgang click here.

    Camille Rose Garcia

    Camille Rose Garcia

    Painter, Illustrator, and toy-creator Garcia was conceived in Los Angeles, California. The offspring of a Mexican dissident movie producer and daughter to a muralist/painter. You could say she was destined to become an artist. She creates paintings, prints, and figures in a gothic, "dreadful" cartoon style. Her art was inspired by Walt Disney and Philip K. Dick.

    To learn more about Camille Rose Garcia click here.

    Esao Andrews

    Esao Andrews

    Andrews is a Japanese/American artist. He got his B.F.A. in NYC from The School of Visual Arts in 2000. He is best known for his Surreal collection artwork for the band Circa Survive and has created various comic book covers for Vertigo Comics.

    To learn more about Esao Andrews click here.


    Tim Biskup

    Tim Biskup

    Biskup is a Southern California artist whose training is centered primarily around the allegorical paintings. In 1999 he assembled a network of artists and started facilitating live art barters at bars around Los Angeles. He immediately found a group of people who appreciated his own works and started exhibiting his art.

    To learn more about Tim Biskup click here.

    Mark Ryden

    Mark Ryden

    Mixing topics of pop culture with classical art, Ryden has created his own particular style of pop surrealism. Ryden subjects are stacked pop social undertones. His art ranges from enigmatic to charming.

    To learn more about Mark Ryden click here.

    Nicoletta Ceccoli

    Nicoletta Ceccoli

    Ceccoli was born in 1973 in San Marino, Italy. Ceccoli went to The Institute of Art in Urbino where she learned fine arts. She is an artist to various kids' books and was chosen to display her work at the Bologna Children's Book Fair Show. This helped promote her name and she became known to audiences worldwide.

    Ceccoli has described her work as attempting to ‚Äúoffer a delectable balance of repulsive and attractive. What is beautiful, sweet, and chaste hides often dark suggestions.‚ÄĚ

    To learn more about Nicoletta Ceccoli click here.

    Kenny Scharf

    Kenny Scharf

    Scharf is an American painter and road artist. His amazing graffiti paintings helped promote his reputation and distinction in the New York downtown art scene of the 1980s. His work consists of pop culture symbols in decorative and beautiful designs.

    His works have been presented at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, the Miami Center for the Fine Arts, and the Queens Museum of Art, among others. Scharf became friends with so many pop culture artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

    To learn more about Kenny Scharf click here.

    James Jean

    James Jean

    Jean is a Taiwanese American visual artist, known for his businesses and compelling artwork exhibit. He is referred to in the American comics industry as a spread artist for different books distributed by DC Comics. He's been contracted by The New York Times, Prada, ESPN, and Atlantic Records. 

    To learn more about James Jean click here.

    Gary Baseman

    Gary Baseman

    Baseman is an American contemporary/pop surrealist artist who works in different creative fields. He is the producer of the Emmy-winning ABC/Disney cartoon, Teacher's Pet, and the artistic originator of Cranium, a popular tabletop game.

    To learn more about Gary Baseman click here.

    Camilla D'Errico

    Camilla d'Errico

    D'Errico is an Italo-Canadian artist. D'Errico is a comic artist/maker, vinyl artist, and toymaker. D'Errico lives in Vancouver, where she paints and draws comics, and as of late has been working with films and videogames. She has separated herself through her capacity to consistently create amazing comic-book art and manga with surrealist components, wrapping everything together with beautiful and energetic colors.

    To learn more about Camilla D'Errico click here.

    Todd Schorr

    Todd Schorr

    Schorr was conceived in New York City and grew up as a youngster in Oakland, New Jersey. Demonstrating an impulse for drawing at an early age, his folks enlisted him in Saturday morning art classes when he was only five years of age. Schorr was profoundly influenced by Dream Motion Pictures, Walt Disney, and Max Fleischer.

    To learn more about Todd Schorr click here.

    Audrey Kawasaki

    Audrey Kawasaki

    Kawasaki is a Japanese-American artist, brought up in Los Angeles, California where she now lives and works. Kawasaki grew up perusing Japanese manga comics, which propelled her to start drawing. She paints alluring female subjects with magnificence.

    Kawasaki's work contains different topics, her sharp symbolism is painted with realistic accuracy onto wooden boards. She incorporates eastern and western arts like Art Nouveau and Japanese Manga comics into her artwork.

    To learn more about Audrey Kawasaki click here.

    Ray Caesar

    Ray Caesar

    Caesar's unique pop surrealistic images are enlivened by the non-literal subjects. He creates his art using Maya, 3-D programming software.

    To learn more about Ray Caesar click here.

    Jeff Soto

    Jeff Soto

    Soto is a muralist painter who has exhibited his art in various galleries around the globe. Soto's artwork is inspired by street art, nature, and pop culture. It's very authentic, unique, and invigorating.

    To learn more about Jeff Soto click here.

    Tara McPherson

    Tara McPherson

    McPherson is an artist living in New York. Her art investigates the domains of our mental states which are aroused by fantasies, legends, material science, nature, love, and youth. Giving us a look into the complexities of the human mind through her powerful characters.

    To learn more about Tara McPherson click here.


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    Greg Simkins is one of my favorites

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    I am surprised that Mab Graves was not considered one of the 20 greatest pop surrealist artists.
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