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Top 5 Art collectors in the world
Dawit Abeza
Top 5 Art collectors in the world

Starting the top 5 list is ROMAN ABRAMOVICH the owner of Chelsea Football Club. Net worth over 10 Billion dollars.

Collecting area:
Impressionism; modern, postwar, and contemporary art

The number two in the top five list is HARYANTO ADIKOESOEMO has over 800 artwork collections from all over the world.

Collecting area:
Indonesian, Asian, and Western modern and contemporary art 

Coming in at number three is MOHAMMED AFKHAMI the founder and leading partner of the Dubai-based commodities firm MA Partners

Collecting area:
Modern and contemporary Iranian and international art

Coming in at number four PAUL ALLEN Microsoft co-founder.

Collecting area:
Impressionism; Old Masters; modern and contemporary art

The number five spot belong to LAURA ARRILLAGA-ANDREESSEN the founder and president of a philanthropy “incubator”.

Collecting area:
Postwar and contemporary art 


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