The Best Art Museums in Denver, Colorado

The Best Art Museums in Denver, Colorado

Do you enjoy going to museums to learn about art, culture, and history?
If yes, Denver, is a must visit, it is a lively place known for its culture, art, and indigenous works.

The art museums in Denver are highly regarded for their ability to provide visitors with an engaging experience. Come and create a memorable experience when you travel to the art museums in Denver that are listed below.

Denver Art Museum

denver art museum

The Denver Art Museum in the City of Colorado. It is an encyclopedic museum that collects more than 70,000 diverse works that mainly focus on American and Indian Art. It's one of the largest museums in Denver and it displays an art collection that consists of geometric values inspired by peaks and valley mountain ranges.

It is an architectural work of art designed by Daniel Libeskind and was built in 1893.The museum was built to provide visitors with opportunities to explore art and creativity.On the other hand, it is also a place where extensive art collections and world-class exhibitions are held.

For over two decades, the Denver Art Museum have been a leader in educating programming and creating innovative opportunities through interactive art activities.The museum extends a location if you want to hold an event.They offer a space for stunning events for parties, weddings, hosting, corporate receptions, and many more.

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Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

museum of contemporary art denver

As Denver's first contemporary art institution, it is laying the groundwork for the advancement of the platform and field.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver is recognized for its progressive and world-class artworks that inspire and challenge people to grasp the discourse about art in today's generation.Established in 1966, the MCA Denver was designed by philanthropist Sue Cannon, together with Marina Graves, Lawrence Argent, Dale Chisman, Mark Sink, and others.

Moreover, Cannon provided valuable support to ensure the sparks of curiosity and connections across Denver in the art of contemporary field through the world-class exhibitions. MCA Denver expanded a new 27,000-square-foot environmental facility, which was designed by David Adjaye, in 2007.

In March 2019, Adam Lerner was appointed as a new director in MCA Denver which introduced teen-specific programming in the museum that encourages the balance of rigorous and light-hearted exhibitions.

The museum provides promotions and a diverse selection of exhibitions by rotating and changing modern paintings and sculptures, allowing visitors to learn and discover through the use of the arts.

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Clyfford Still Museum

clyfford still museum

The Clyfford Still Museum exhibits the works of Clyfford Still, an Abstract Expressionist painter. It represents Still's unique artistic heritage vision, which recognizes his works from shapes, lines, colors, and the expression of his artworks.

The two-story building is approximately about 28,500 square feet designed by Architect Brad and founded on November 08, 2011. The museum is a single structure that is lit by natural light and has a dark lobby that changes the intensity of light and the transition from one spot to another.

The museum has nine beautiful galleries dedicated to Still's work, and perhaps an exciting program of events that highlight the gallery exhibitions and art collection, such as historical photos, hands-on and interactive creation studios, and more.

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Denver Selfie Museum

denver selfie museum

Denver Selfie Museum is famous for its quirky sets designed for selfie backdrops. It is the first space installation that provides a creative setting for visitors to pose for selfies or photographs for social media.

The museum was established in the year 2019 and designed by Alex Kurylan, also known as the “1st Instagram Art museum in Colorado”. Inside the museum, there are 25 different settings for capturing selfies and actual Instagram walls for creating content for TikTok and Instagram.

With a set of different selfie backdrops, the friendly-family museum gives the authentic and coolest selfies. It is open Monday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and visitors are encouraged to cameras for selfies.

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Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art

kirkland museum of fine & decorative art

The Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art is recognized for displaying historic works created by renowned painter Vance Kirkland. From 1904 to 1981, the museum presented exhibitions and was in the service of the general public and scholarly programs courtesy of Kirkland's influence on the beauty of art and design.

The museum is a two-story, 38,500-square-foot structure designed by architect Jim Olson and completed in 2003. The museum has a curatorial vision that was influenced by Kirkland, according to the founding Director Hugh Grant.

The museum's relocation to 12th Avenue and Bannock Street in Denver's Golden Triangle Creative District in 2014 provided an opportunity for public exposure to the museum's three collection areas.

Inside the museum, there are three main collections on display: Salon-style, Postmodern style, and Present style, which represent the evolution of art over 150 years. The art collection contains almost 30,000 items by over 1,500 artists and designers, with 4,400 works on exhibit.

The new facility of the museum has 18 areas of artworks that have added distinct features and expand the visitor’s amenities by providing world-class display space for exhibits.

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Museo de las Americas

Museo de las Americas

The Museo de las Americas, often known as "Cultural Treasures," is a fine arts museum in Denver with outstanding historical value and cultural achievements spanning three decades, from folk to modern art. The museum officially opened its doors in April 1991, with Jose Aguayo as the first executive director.

The museum expanded its library in 2002, adding around 1,000 books on Latin American art, history, and culture.Each year, the main gallery presents three to five exhibitions, alongside two smaller galleries: the Tragen Folk Art Gallery and the Gallery of the Ancient Americas.

The museum is dedicated to maintaining America's culture through creative exhibitions and activities when it comes to learning various arts.

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