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Penitent Magdalene Donatello

Dawit Abeza
Penitent Magdalene Donatello Donato di Niccol di Betto Bardi, generally known as Donatello, was a sculptor who was born in Florence in about 1386 and died there in 1466. His art reflects the Early Renaissance's trend toward naturalism and perspective. The Roman Catholic Church was pushing for penitence among the faithful in the early 15th centur...
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Judith and Holofernes Donatello

Dawit Abeza
Judith and Holofernes Donatello The statue of Judith and Holofernes was charged by Cosimo de Medici who, as a pioneer of Florence's preeminent family had a personal stake in displaying consistently an appearance of solidarity and opportunity. The artwork was a particularly simple approach to do that. Cosimo's long-lasting kinship with Donatello...
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