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Paul Cézanne Quotes | Famous Quotations About Art
Dawit Abeza
Paul Cézanne Quotes | Famous Quotations About Art

Paul Cézanne Quotes | Famous Quotations About Art

Paul Cezanne was one of the main artists of Post Impressionism. He used planes of shading and small brushstrokes that developed to shape complex fields.

Paul Cézanne Famous Quotations:

Paul Cézanne Quotes About Art

“When I judge art, I take my painting and put it next to a God made object like a tree or flower. If it clashes, it is not art.”― Paul Cézanne

“Art is a harmony parallel with nature.”― Paul Cézanne

“It's so fine and yet so terrible to stand in front of a blank canvas.”― Paul Cézanne

“There are two things in the painter, the eye and the mind; each of them should aid the other.”― Paul Cézanne

“Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one's sensations.”― Paul Cézanne

“An art which isn't based on feeling isn't an art at all.”― Paul Cézanne

“The most seductive thing about art is the personality of the artist himself.”― Paul Cézanne

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The Basket of Apples Still life by Paul Cézanne

The Basket of Apples Still life by Paul Cézanne

“For an Impressionist to paint from nature is not to paint the subject, but to realize sensations.”― Paul Cézanne

“Shadow is a colour as light is, but less brilliant; light and shadow are only the relation of two tones.”― Paul Cézanne

“Pure drawing is an abstraction. Drawing and color are not distinct, everything in nature is colored.”― Paul Cézanne

“There is no model; there is only color.”― Paul Cézanne

“Nature is more depth than surface. Hence the need to introduce into our light vibrations represented by the reds and yellows, a sufficient amount of blue to give the impression of air.”― Paul Cézanne

“When the color achieves richness, the form attains its fullness also.”― Paul Cézanne

“There is a logic of colors, and it is with this alone, and not with the logic of the brain, that the painter should conform.”― Paul Cézanne

“Michelangelo is a constructor, and Rafael an artist who, great as he is, is always limited by the model. When he tries to be thoughtful he falls below the niveau of his great rival”― Paul Cézanne

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The Card Players by Paul Cézanne

The Card Players by Paul Cézanne

“One must see one's model correctly and experience it in the right way, and furthermore express oneself forcibly and with distinction.”― Paul Cézanne

“One can do good things without being very much of a harmonist or a colorist. It is sufficient to have a sense of art – and this sense is doubtless the horror of the bourgeois.”― Paul Cézanne

“Taste is the best judge. It is rare. Art only addresses itself to an excessively small number of individuals.”― Paul Cézanne

“Right now a moment of time is fleeting by! Capture its reality in paint... We must become that moment, make ourselves a sensitive recording plate... give the image of what we actually see, forgetting everything that has been seen before our time.”― Paul Cézanne

“There is no light painting or dark painting, but simply relations of tones.”― Paul Cézanne

“I owe you the truth in painting, and I will tell it to you.”― Paul Cézanne

“To paint is not to copy the object slavishly, it is to grasp a harmony among many relationships.― Paul Cézanne

“I advance all of my canvas at one time. ― Paul Cézanne

“When they [paintings] are done right, harmony appears by itself. The more numerous and varied they are, the more the effect is obtained and agreeable to the eye.― Paul Cézanne

“Fruits... like having their portrait painted. They seem to sit there and ask your forgiveness for fading. Their thought is given off with their perfumes. They come with all their scents, they speak of the fields they have left, the rain which has nourished them, the daybreaks they have seen.”― Paul Cézanne

The boy in a Red Vest by Paul Cézanne

The boy in a Red Vest by Paul Cézanne

“Talks on art are almost useless. The work which goes to bring progress in one's own subject is sufficient compensation for the incomprehension of imbeciles.”― Paul Cézanne

“The painter unfolds that which has not been seen.”― Paul Cézanne

“The artist must scorn all judgment that is not based on an intelligent observation of character. He must beware of the literary spirit which so often causes a painting to deviate from its true path – the concrete study of nature – to lose itself all too long in intangible speculations.”― Paul Cézanne

“I have made some progress. Why so late and with such difficulty? Is art really a priesthood that demands the pure in heart who must belong to it entirely? ”― Paul Cézanne

“Drawing and color are not separate at all; in so far as you paint, you draw. The more the color harmonizes, the more exact the drawing becomes.”― Paul Cézanne

“What is one to think of those fools who tell one that the artist is always subordinate to nature? Art is a harmony parallel with nature.”― Paul Cézanne

“To be sure an artist wishes to raise his standard intellectually as much as possible, but the man must remain in obscurity. Pleasure must be found in the studying.”― Paul Cézanne

“The transposition that a painter makes with an original vision gives to the representation of nature a new interest.”― Paul Cézanne

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L'Estaque, Melting Snow by Paul Cézanne

L'Estaque, Melting Snow by Paul Cézanne

“Whoever the master is whom you prefer, this must only be a directive for you. Otherwise you will never be anything but an imitator.”― Paul Cézanne

“All pictures painted inside in the studio will never be as good as the things done outside.”― Paul Cézanne

“There is no such thing as an amateur artist as different from a professional artist. There is only good art and bad art.”― Paul Cézanne

“He unfolds, as a painter, that which has not yet been said; he translates it into absolute terms of painting – something other than reality.”― Paul Cézanne

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“Genius is the ability to renew one's emotions in daily experience.”― Paul Cézanne

“If isolation tempers the strong, it is the stumbling-block of the uncertain.”― Paul Cézanne

“The world doesn't understand me and I don't understand the world, that's why I've withdrawn from it.”― Paul Cézanne

“The awareness of our own strength makes us modest.”― Paul Cézanne

“Keep good company - that is, go to the Louvre.”― Paul Cézanne

“Don't be an art critic. Paint. There lies salvation.”― Paul Cézanne

“One had to immerse oneself in one's surroundings and intensely study nature or one's subject to understand how to recreate it.”― Paul Cézanne

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The Bather by Paul Cézanne

The Bather by Paul Cézanne

“I thought that by leaving Aix I should leave behind the boredom that pursues me. Actually I have done nothing but change my abode and the boredom has followed me.”― Paul Cézanne

“We live in a rainbow of chaos.”― Paul Cézanne

-on Eugene Delacroix... “His is the greatest palette of France and no one beneath our skies possessed to a greater extent than he both the serene and the pathetic, the vibration of color. We all paint through him.”― Paul Cézanne

“I am progressing very slowly, for nature reveals herself to me in very complex forms; and the progress needed is incessant”― Paul Cézanne

“Time and reflection... modify, little by little, our vision, and at last comprehension comes to us”― Paul Cézanne

-to Victor Chocquet... “I should have wished to possess the intellectual equilibrium that characterizes you and permits you to achieve without fail the desired end... Chance has not favoured me with an equal self-assurance, it is the only regret I have about things of this earth”― Paul Cézanne

“To achieve progress nature alone counts, and the eye is trained through contact with her. It becomes concentric by looking and working.”― Paul Cézanne

“I wished to copy nature. I could not. But I was satisfied when I discovered the sun, for instance, could not be reproduced, but only represented by something else.”― Paul Cézanne

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Mont Sainte-Victoire seen from Bellevue by Paul Cézanne

Mont Sainte-Victoire seen from Bellevue by Paul Cézanne

“I am still searching for the expression of those confused sensations that we bring with us at birth -on Claude Monet... “Monet is only an eye, but my God, what an eye!”― Paul Cézanne

“All the theories mess you up inside.”― Paul Cézanne

“My nervous system is very much weakened – nothing but painting in oil can keep me going.”― Paul Cézanne “The contour eludes me.”― Paul Cézanne

“I cannot attain the intensity that is unfolded before my senses. I have not the magnificent richness of coloring that animates nature.”― Paul Cézanne

“I could paint for a hundred years, a thousand years without stopping and I would still feel as though I knew nothing.”― Paul Cézanne

“Nature is the best instructor.”― Paul Cézanne

“All my compatriots are asses compared to me.”― Paul Cézanne

-to his mother... “I am beginning to consider myself stronger than all those around me, and you know that the good opinion I have of myself has only been reached after mature consideration.”― Paul Cézanne

“The strong experience of nature... is the necessary basis for all conception of art on which rests the grandeur and beauty of all future work.”― Paul Cézanne

“The knowledge of the means of expressing our emotions is only acquired through very long experience.”― Paul Cézanne

Pyramid of Skulls by Paul Cézanne

Pyramid of Skulls by Paul Cézanne

“Get to the heart of what is before you and continue to express yourself as logically as possible.”― Paul Cézanne

“I have not tried to reproduce nature: I have represented it.”― Paul Cézanne

“Pleasure must be found in study.”― Paul Cézanne

“I never know where I am going or where I want to go with this damned profession.”― Paul Cézanne

“Everything we see falls apart, vanishes. Nature is always the same, but nothing in her that appears to us, lasts. Our art must render the thrill of her permanence along with her elements, the appearance of all her changes. It must give us the taste of her eternity.”― Paul Cézanne

-to his son... “Here on the edge of the river, the motifs are very plentiful, the same subject seen from a different angle gives a subject for study of the highest interest and so varied that I think I could be occupied for months without changing my place, simply bending a little more to the right or left.”― Paul Cézanne

“One is neither too scrupulous nor too sincere nor too submissive to nature; but one is more or less master of one's model, and, above all, of the means of expression. ”― Paul Cézanne

“I have to keep working, not to arrive at finish, which arouses the admiration of fools... I must seek completion only for the pleasure of being truer and more knowing.”― Paul Cézanne

“When a picture isn't realized, you pitch it in the fire and start another one! ”― Paul Cézanne

“The sun penetrates me soundlessly like a distant friend that stirs up my laziness, fertilizes it. We bring forth life.”― Paul Cézanne

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Maincy Bridge by Paul Cézanne

Maincy Bridge by Paul Cézanne

“Treat nature by the cylinder, the sphere, the cone, everything in proper perspective so that each side of an object or a plane is directed towards a central point.”― Paul Cézanne

“Studying the model and realizing it is sometimes very slow in coming for the artist.”― Paul Cézanne

“What I am trying to translate to you is more mysterious; it is entwined in the very roots of being, in the implacable source of sensations.”― Paul Cézanne

“Under this fine rain, I breathe in the innocence of the world. I feel colored by the nuances of infinity. At this moment I am one with my picture. We are an iridescent chaos..”― Paul Cézanne

“An optical impression is produced on our organs of sight which makes us classify as light, half-tone or quartertone, the surfaces represented by color sensations. So that light does not exist for the painter..”― Paul Cézanne

“We may all descend from Pissarro..”― Paul Cézanne

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Mont Sainte-Victoire and the Viaduct of the Arc River Valley by Paul Cézanne

Mont Sainte-Victoire and the Viaduct of the Arc River Valley by Paul Cézanne

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