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Mohammed Afkhami
Dawit Abeza
Mohammed Afkhami

Mohammed Afkhami

Is the Vice Chairman of London Strategic Land which was established to support London’s need for more and better housing. There aim "is to help build homes and communities that people want to live in, by working with local authorities, government agencies and developers."

Mohammed Afkhami Net Worth

Mohammed is the founder and Managing Partner of Magenta Capital Services, which acts as the independent advisor in metropolis placement to over a dozen of the biggest global private assets, real estate, and infrastructure firms on over $12 billion of capital deployment in the Gulf Region, Brunei, and Malaysia. These companies have incorporated but are not limited to Apollo Global Management, Ares Management, Providence Equity Partners, Thoma Bravo, CIM Group, LS Power, and Arclight Capital Partners. We can estimate Mohammed Afkhami Net Worth is over 13 billion dollars.

Mohammed Afkhami Ma Partners

Mohammed Afkhami is also the founder and Managing Partner of MA Partners DMCC, a Middle East-based materials consultancy that served as the independent Middle East Advisor between 2005 - 12 to Mitsui Energy Risk Management, a completely controlled subsidiary of Mitsui & Co. Previously Mohammed Afkhami held senior positions covering the Middle East and North Africa for Standard Bank, O'Connor Associates and UBS Warburg where he satisfied businesses, hedge funds and sovereign companies implementing structured investment and derivatives.


Mohammed Afkhami Foundation

Mohammed is a founder member of the British Museum and Guggenheim Museum Middle East and North African art acquisition organizations and the advisory board of Art Dubai and Chairman of the Mohammed Afkhami Foundation.

Mohammed Afkhami Art Collection


One of Mohammed Afkhami art pieces


Mohammed Afkhami Education

Mohammed obtained his BA in Economics with a concentration in finance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

mohammed afkhami-office


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