The 10 Best Gel Pens For Coloring In 2023

The Best Gel Pens For Coloring In 2023

Artists, crafters, and colorists often reach for gel pens because of the rich colors and reliable ink flow they provide. There are a plethora of gel pens available, making it difficult to select the best one for your coloring needs.

This article will review 10 of the best gel pens for coloring, evaluating them according to ink quality, color selection, and longevity.

Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned artist, one of the gel pens on this list is sure to make you rethink your gel pen selection for coloring.

1. Tanmit Gel Pens

Tanmit Gel Pens

Tanmit gel pens are often used by colorists because of their bright color selection and reliable ink flow. These gel pens are designed for precise coloring and sketching thanks to their fine 0.6mm point and ergonomic, non-slip grip.

Tanmit gel pens have high-quality, fade- and water-resistant ink, making them useful for a variety of writing and drawing tasks.

Sets of 100, 60, and 36 colors are all available so artists can pick the best option for their needs and budgets. 

2. Sakura Gelly Roll Pens

Sakura Gelly Roll Pens

Gelly Roll pens from Sakura are beloved by painters, artisans, and colorists everywhere for their silky ink and brilliant hues. This gel ink compound is exclusive to these pens and produces a thick, water-resistant line that won't blur or smear.

Since the ink is resistant to fading over time, it is perfect for scrapbooks. Sakura Gelly Roll pens have a fine point tip that makes them ideal for coloring and detailing, and they are available in a rainbow of colors, from metallic to pastel to neon.

Artists can easily choose the ideal set size, as the pens come in a variety of pack sizes, including small, medium, and large.

If you're an artist searching for high-quality gel pens that can be put to use in a broad variety of situations, look no further than the Sakura Gelly Roll line.

3. Feela Gel Pens

Feela Gel Pens

High-quality ink, fluid writing, and a rainbow of colors make Feela gel pens a favorite among colorists. Artists have a choice of 30, 48, 60, or 100 different colored pens in a set, depending on their needs.

Comfortable to hold and use for long periods of time, Feela gel pens include a 0.8mm ballpoint tip that draws smooth, skip-free lines. The ink is suitable for a variety of artistic endeavors, such as coloring, sketching, and writing, as it is resistant to water, fading, and dries rapidly.

When it comes to finding a high-quality gel pen at a reasonable price, Feela is a brand that is highly recommended.

4. Aen Art Gel Pens

Aen Art Gel Pens

Aen Art gel pens are widely used by colorists because of their long-lasting ink, sturdy construction, and low cost. These pens are available in sets of 30, 60, or 100 colors, giving painters a plethora of tonal variations to work with.

The 0.8mm ballpoint tip on Aen Art gel pens draws consistently smooth lines, and the ergonomic grip makes them easy to hold even for long periods of time.

Since it is water-based this ink can be used by almost anyone. Moreover, the ink won't run or wash away, so your drawings made with these pens will last for years to come.

The sturdy and space-saving carrying bag that houses your Aen Art gel pens is another reason why these pens are so practical. As a whole, Aen Art gel pens are a great option for artists looking for high-quality pens that won't empty their wallets.

5. ColorIt Glitter Gel Pens

ColorIt Glitter Gel Pens

Many people who enjoy coloring and want to add some glitz and glamour to their drawings choose to use ColorIt Glitter Gel Pens. The pens may be used on a variety of different materials, from paper and plastic to metal.

These pens are great for embellishing handmade cards, scrapbooks, and other works of art.

The set's durable carrying case makes it convenient to transport and store the pens when not in use. When it comes to adding a little glitz and glam to your artwork, ColorIt Glitter Gel Pens are a great option.

6. Chromatek Glitter Gel Pens

Chromatek Glitter Gel Pens

When it comes to adding a little glitz and glam to their coloring pages, many people turn to Chromatek.

Chromatek Glitter pens may be used on a variety of surfaces, from regular paper to dark-colored paper, thanks to the glitter ink's high opacity and low tack.

Whether you're scrapbooking, journaling, or just coloring for fun, these pens are the perfect way to amp up the glam factor.

7. Shuttle Art Gel Pens

Shuttle Art Gel Pens

Shuttle Art Gel pens are packed with 120 different colors, making them a great choice for artists who need access to a wide range of hues.

Shuttle Art Gel Pens have a ballpoint tip between 0.8 and 1.0 millimeters in diameter, so they draw smoothly without skipping, and they have a cushioned grip so that you may write/draw for long periods of time without getting tired.

Because of its resistance to water, fading, and drying quickly, the ink can be used for a variety of arts and crafts, from coloring to sketching to writing.

The storage case for the Shuttle Art Gel Pens is sturdy and lightweight, making the pens convenient to bring anywhere. 

8. Paper Mate InkJoy

Paper Mate InkJoy 

Artists of all skill levels use Paper Mate InkJoy gel pens because of their ergonomic design, quick-drying ink, and smooth ink flow.

There are several different sets of these pens available, each with anywhere from ten to twenty-two colors, making them ideal for artists who like to work with a more constrained palette.

Featuring a 0.7mm point size, the InkJoy gel pens' ink dries quickly, eliminating the possibility of smudging or spreading.

The pens' ergonomic designs also make them easy to handle for long periods of time without sacrificing stability. Work done with these pens will last for a long time because the ink is resistant to water, fading, and acid.

For artists who desire a comfortable, reliable pen at a reasonable price, Paper Mate InkJoy gel pens are a good option.

9. Crayola Washable Gel Pens

Crayola Washable Gel Pens

Whether you're a kid or an adult, you'll love the bright colors, erasable ink, and child-friendly design of Crayola Washable Gel Pens. These 14 pen sets are ideal for coloring and drawing, as they have vivid, saturated hues.

The pens have a medium tip size of 0.7mm, so they draw clean lines, and a comfortable grip that even those with smaller hands can use. Because the ink is designed to be readily removed these pens are ideal for young artists who are prone to spills.

The pens are constructed to last, with sturdy, snap-tight caps that seal tightly to keep the pens moist and ready for use.

If you're a parent or educator looking to provide your kids with a creative outlet that's both enjoyable and safe, Crayola Washable Gel Pens are a great option.

10. Fiskars Gel Pens

Fiskars Gel Pens

If you're an artist in need of a durable pen that will last you a long time and draw clean, uniform lines, consider investing in a Fiskars Gel Pen. With a total of 48 unique hues, including metallic, glitter, and neon inks, these pens are a versatile choice for any artistic undertaking.

The pens have a point size of 0.8mm, so they draw sharp, clean lines, and a comfortable grip that makes using them for long periods of time easy on the hands.

Fiskars Gel Pens allow you to create long-lasting works of art without worrying about ink fading.

Furthermore, the ink is designed to resist the effects of water, so it won't spread or smear if it gets wet. There's a clip on the end of every Fiskars Gel Pen, so you can keep it in your pocket or in your notebook with ease.

The pens are packaged in a clear plastic case that may be used for both transporting and storing the utensils. In conclusion, Fiskars Gel Pens are an excellent choice for artists seeking a high-quality, multipurpose pen that can be used in a variety of contexts.

In Conclusion

All of the pens mentioned above are excellent for writing and coloring, but the ideal gel pen for you will depend on your individual requirements.

Each pen has a special set of qualities that makes it particularly well-suited to a specific task or personal taste.

There's a gel pen here for everyone: serious artists, casual colorists, and parents searching for a risk-free outlet for their kids' imaginations.

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