Dominique de Villepin Is Opening an Art Gallery in Hong Kong

France's previous PM Dominique de Villepin is propelling an art gallery with his son, Arthur, in Hong Kong one year from now. While it appears to be an odd move for a previous lawmaker, who was the French executive somewhere in the range of 2005 and 2007 under the administration of Jacques Chirac, de Villepin has consistently had a solid social intrigue. During his residency as PM, he considered the nation's first triennial and has been on a few exhibition hall sheets in Europe and the Middle East.


Minister Dominique de Villepin

“Art and culture have always been key incentives in my diplomatic, political, and personal life,” Dominique de Villepin tells Artnet News. “During my time as a diplomat, I met with artists from across the globe to better understand the world we live in, assert art’s social function, and demonstrate the power of art to build bridges between cultures and change lives. This is even more important in a fractured world facing so many difficult challenges.” The previous lawmaker has been building an art collection for as far back as three decades with a solid spotlight on artists who draw in with social accounts, and the new gallery he is working with his son—who has lived in Hong Kong for as long as 10 years—will mirror that. Villepin Gallery will involve about 3,000 square feet of a three-story building situated at 53-55 Hollywood Road in focal Hong Kong. The debut display, which opens on March 13, only in front of Art Basel Hong Kong, will show works by the late Chinese-French painter Zao Wou-Ki, who was dear companions with the family. It will be titled "Friendship and Reconciliation" and will incorporate uncommon artworks crossing the 1950s to the mid-2000s, just as a choice of Chinese inks, watercolors, and lithographs. It is an astounding time to start another business in Hong Kong, a city as of now involved in political dissent. Be that as it may, the gallery's authors state they have profoundly put resources into the social scene of Hong Kong, and persuaded that there will never be an awful time to advance the art.


Zao Wou-Ki Artwork

“Growing up with a father involved in politics and diplomacy, I quickly became aware of the social and political power of art—for art and artists to build bridges across cultures and geographies,” says Arthur de Villepin, who will oversee gallery operations day-to-day while his father steers strategy from Paris. “Art also has the power to heal. Hong Kong is a city with a unique history—it’s robust and has a creative energy that will never go away. We hope that Villepin will be able to add to that.” The dad son pair underscore that they plan to help a model of gathering dependent on friendships and long haul associations with artists and their domains or establishments, and need to put works with authorities who have an individual association with the items.


Arthur de Villepin

“I grew up surrounded by artists, which nurture a love of art from a very young age,” Arthur de Villepin says. “My mother is a sculptor and my father is also an avid collector, and they were constantly introducing me to new artists, including Zao Wou-Ki, whose work was the first piece I bought for my collection.” The work, a small-scale painting from 1948, will be featured in Villepin’s inaugural show. France has since quite a while ago had a solid social connect to China, and the French gallery is part of another flood of French-Chinese social joint efforts, from the Pompidou Shanghai to the Musée Rodin in Shenzhen to the recently declared Picasso and Giacometti historical center in Beijing. The private exhibition hall division in China is likewise developing, alongside the nation's art showcase, which is the third greatest on the planet after the US and the UK.


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