Girl With Red Balloon

Banksy painting self-destructs, the girl with a red balloon, is the act real or staged?

An incredible art stunt was performed by the mysterious street artist named Banksy. His painting of a girl reaching out for a red, heart-shaped balloon self-destructed after the painting was sold for $1.4 million.

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Going, going, gone...

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The Girl With Balloon itself was a 2006 offprint of the iconic picture, which features a girl releasing a red balloon. The first painting was spray painted on a building in East London in 2002, although it was covered up for several years before it was finally removed in 2014 and sold at auction.

Banksy self-destructing painting of a Girl With Balloon was one of the craziest art stunts pulled off recent years. It has art scholars thinking whether Banksy self Destructing art, was nothing more than a publicity stunt and that everyone was in on the act from the artist, buyer, and the auction house.

The anonymous graffiti artist Banksy has then published a video on Instagram that shows how he built a paper shredder into the frame of the 2006 painting "Girl with a Balloon." The video details how he installed the shredder into the frame of one of his best-known works, Girl With Balloon. The auction house states it didn't know anything about a shredder being placed in the frame of the artwork housing the Girl With Balloon.

So, if you ask me who was in on the art stunt? I would say, everyone. From the buyer who of course was mysterious. The artist who famously doesn't like to show his face, however, he does like to put out Instagram videos. The auction house which decided to make the Girl With Balloon to be the last painting to be sold. And of course the cameraman, who got a perfect shot of the painting being shredded.

Some art experts say the performance boosted the value of the Girl With Balloon. Banksy girl with the red balloon art stunt will be known for many years to come, thanks to the enormous about of news coverage this art stunt is receiving worldwide. Let me know what you think really happened, in the comments below. Do you think everyone was in on the show? Or was it just Bansky who pulled off this art stunt by himself?

The Girl With The Red Balloon

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